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How the murder of George Floyd rallied our community and our nation

Graffiti lines the walls of Seattle, pledging silent support for the BLM movement. Photo by Rahima Baluch

Priya Annapureddy, Reporter

June 8, 2020

      The Murder of George Floyd On May 25, 2020, the Minneapolis Police Department responded to a call that reported a 46-year-old black man, George Floyd, allegedly using a counterfeit bill to buy items at a local shop. About 10 minutes after the police came onto the scene, ...

A pinch of knowledge for baking enthusiasts

Art by Sonya Sheptunov

Cathy Zhao, Reporter

May 29, 2020

Have you ever tried out a new recipe, closely following the steps, and ended up with a raw, discolored mess? The following are some simple tips to step up your baking game. To produce perfectly baked items… Invest in an oven thermometer. Do your creations appear underbaked or overbaked even when yo...

Rainy day reads

Rainy day reads

Tam Tran, Reporter

May 28, 2020

What better way to unwind and release all of your quarantine tensions than with a good book?  From romance to space travel, here are some of Nordic’s favorite stories to cure your boredom.  "STRANGE THE DREAMER" BY LAINI TAYLOR Laini Taylor’s “Strange the Dreamer” immerses you into a world of mag...

Nordic reviews the cinema world’s finest hidden gems

Art by Eli Shafer and Sonya Sheptunov

Eli Shafer, Co-Business Manager

May 28, 2020

With nationwide quarantines in place, a lot of people have more free time than they know what to do with, leading to the growth of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Disney+. While most people tend to flock toward the highest-rated movies, the world’s cinematic greats aren’t the only movies...

Businesses join fight against COVID-19 by aiding health care workers

At Canyon Park Starbucks, the drive-thru and mobile ordering services remain open, offering free “tall” size hot coffees to any and all healthcare personnel actively working to fight the coronavirus. Many local businesses have also adapted to online and mobile ordering with contactless pickups to minimize the spread of disease. Photo by Sonya Sheptunov

Divya Akkiraju, Co-Business Manager

May 26, 2020

From software companies to local restaurants, businesses across the nation have shifted away from their typical operations and are aiding health care workers fighting against the coronavirus pandemic. Though several companies lack the financial ability to fund medical research and equipment manufact...

Athletes find new ways to practice during quarantine

School sports were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students continue to stay active and practice at home. Photo by Nathan Guest

Nathan Guest, Sports Editor

May 25, 2020

As Washingtonians remain in lockdown after the stay-at-home order was extended to May 31, all workout and fitness centers remain closed. However, this hasn’t stopped many of the athletes from getting their activity.  Boys Soccer senior captain Peter Lie is using a wooden board for drills in his bac...

Presidential election continues despite COVID-19 concerns

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 presidential election continues. With the election happening in Nov. households in the state of Washington will receive ballots that can be mailed in or dropped off at ballot boxes like this one in Canyon Park Plaza. Photo by Sonya Sheptunov

Miles Gelatt, News Editor

May 24, 2020

Presidential campaigns continue even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. On March 17, President Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee after clinching the majority of delegates. Former Vice President Joe Biden became the presumptive Democratic nominee after Vermont Senator Bernie Sa...

The economic cost of COVID-19

The economic cost of COVID-19. Art by Minita Layal

Minita Layal, Feature Editor

May 22, 2020

As the number of COVID-19 cases tops 4 million worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University, many are worried about the global economic toll of the virus. Politicians, citizens and scientists are all worried about the short and long term economic future that the breakdown of the global supply chain and ...

Global pandemic brings imperative stay-at-home order

Art by Sonya Sheptunov

Ishika Kaushik, Reporter

May 21, 2020

Amid the highly contagious COVID-19 virus that has surfaced around the globe, 42 states in the US alone have implemented stay-at-home orders, urging 316 million people to stay at home, self-quarantine and contain the spread of the virus. An order of this kind has never been seen before and has impact...

Urgent climate action needed to match nature’s resilience

Art by Aditi Jain

Aditi Jain, Co Editor-in-Chief

May 20, 2020

The world has changed; quarantine has allowed us to take a step back from our hectic lives and reorganize our priorities, from the meaning of life to our relationship with the environment. It has also brought critical awareness to issues of air pollution and climate change. Because of the decreased activi...

14 activities to cure boredom

14 activities to cure boredom

Priya Annapureddy, Reporter

May 16, 2020

It’s been over seven weeks since school abruptly closed and quarantine so rudely began. Since then, we’ve all spent a little too much time either on our phones or rewatching our favorite shows. Days are starting to blur and weeks are becoming redundant. If you are yearning for some different and...

Easy eats for the stir crazy vegan

Easy eats for the stir crazy vegan

Mireya Avalos, Reporter

May 14, 2020

During these unprecedented times, people in quarantine have taken to the internet to find fun and creative recipes to spice up their quarantine. With easy-to-find items and creative spins on the internet’s favorite foods, here are some of Nordic’s top quarantine recipes. For a vitamin-infused breakfast to bre...

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