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The student news site of Inglemoor High School

Nordic News

The student news site of Inglemoor High School

Nordic News


Justin Geib teaches his first period AP Statistics class about distribution. His word problems always seem to consist of the same themes, including penguins with top hats and no shows at airports.

Teacher feature: The Geib in the suit

Among the teachers at Inglemoor lies a gold mine of joy: Justin Geib (he/him). A man of mystery, Geib shows up fully clad in a suit each day, ready to teach burnt-out students about the wonders of Geometry...

Concealer, lipstick, mascara, moisturizer, face wash, pore strips, etc.: the endless beauty product shopping list.

Complications of cosmetic consumerism

Expectations surpassing reality In a survey of 117 students, 72.7% of Inglemoor students said they use skincare products at least once a day, and 28.2% wear makeup every day. This information follows...

Electronic cigarettes come in all sorts of flavors. Some taste exactly like candy, but they arent.

Fuss about the buzz: Teenage nicotine addiction

According to the United States Surgeon General, nicotine addiction is an epidemic, and it doesn’t discriminate. Those as young as middle schoolers have discovered the highs and inevitable lows of nicotine....

The Health Room is located in the front of campus, next to the Career Center. A sign posted to the door reads “STOP. Health Room pass is required.”

Rules and regulations: How the Health Room helps you

Students visit the school’s nurses for any number of concerns, from stomachaches to broken arms. However, some students are discontent with the limited help the nurses provide due to the strict laws...

Above all, students noted that one of the biggest benefit of 504 plans was the fact that they supplied relief.
“It provided reassurance that this is normal and that I can be successful in school.” said Devin Blanchard.

Stigma and success: What surrounds 504s

Students with disadvantages that adversely impact them in a classroom may have 504 plans to help them learn and receive equal access to an education as their peers. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act...

The weight of the world presses down on senior Joaquim Willemsens’s shoulders as he takes a nap in IB Biology II.

IHS seniors are down with a bad case of senioritis

Senioritis is not a new phenomenon. For years, burnt-out seniors have been blaming their struggles with finishing homework assignments, projects and even tests on this so-called disease. According to Grand...

A line of students’ cars leaving parking lot C to 88th Ave. NE, one of Inglemoor’s two exits, at 3:24 p.m.. This parking lot and exit has only stop signs to direct traffic flow, which leads to congested roads.

Parking problems present themselves

At Inglemoor, there are currently only 369 parking spots, which is insufficient considering there are around 800 juniors and seniors eligible to apply for parking passes. Cars have to be registered and...

Inglemoor is still working on building
and creating resources for students struggling with mental
health, and this peer training program is at the forefront of
helping build a stronger community.

Suicide Prevention at the forefront

Walking across Inglemoor’s campus, it’s impossible to miss the brightly colored posters inviting students to participate in peer training for suicide prevention plastered in windows and doorways....

Lack of gender diversity in academic extracurriculars

Lack of gender diversity in academic extracurriculars

Gender disparities, which refers to reasons or factors which contribute to a gender gap in a given situation, have long been an issue in school clubs. Polls have consistently shown that girls and nonbinary...

The misunderstood issue of misgendering

The misunderstood issue of misgendering

Misgendering is the accidental or deliberate disregard of a transgender person’s identity. Transgender people are those who don’t identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. Non-transgender...

Substitute Steve Duhamel helps junior Sophia DiBlasi with her math homework.

Substitutes: Perspectives from staff and students

Learning with new people isn’t always easy, and while most students and their substitutes get along with each other, there have been some negative encounters on both sides; some students don’t take...

Certain sensitive subjects brought up in English classes make certain students uncomfortable.

Emotional boundaries and English classes

In the Northshore School District, students are required to earn four years of English credits. Compared to other classes, English yields many more discussions about personal and challenging subjects through...

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