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The student news site of Inglemoor High School

Nordic News

The student news site of Inglemoor High School

Nordic News


Learning about fast fashion, its impacts and its alternatives is one of the best things young people can do to make themselves more green and ethical consumers.

Fast fashion

Social Media Trends and Brand Deals Fast fashion is a term used to describe the production of inexpensive clothing made to mirror recent trends. Fast fashion rapidly falls in and out of style and is made...

[From left to right] Junior Lauren Dellinger (they/them), sophomore Flare Antrobus (they/them) and senior Seth Karlinsey
(he/him) make mermaid hair pieces on Jan. 23, 2023.

A backstage sneak peek into tech theater’s hell week

In preparation for the opening night of “Peter and the Starcatcher” on Jan. 27, the tech theater team began their tech week on Jan. 23. Tech week, lovingly known as “hell week,” is the period leading...

Addressing ableism: One campus does not fit all

Addressing ableism: One campus does not fit all

Audrey Gasser (she/they), Reporter Jan 27, 2023

The word “ableism” is used to define discrimination against those who have mental and physical disabilities. In addition to obvious harassment, bullying and ignorance, ableism can also come in subtler...

Senior Owen Jones (he/him) helps sophomore Satoshi Takeuchi (he/him) trace out a circle as they make a moon painting during seventh period on Jan. 12.

Peer coaching: A class that brings lifelong friendships

Peer coaching is a semester-long class where students give individual academic support to other students with moderate to significant disabilities. The class gives peer coaches a few assignments throughout...

There’s hope for high school journalism

There’s hope for high school journalism

Jackie Su (she/her), Co-Editor-in-Chief Jan 27, 2023

Journalism education varies from school to school. While some programs are robust, including both newspaper and yearbook, others struggle to stay afloat or cease to exist at all. The strength of a student...

A year after the full return to in-person learning, many students are still struggling to adapt.

Quarantine’s lasting effect on student morale

As in-person learning has returned fully to its pre-pandemic state, school avoidance and a lack of student engagement are posing problems. Student behavior after the pandemic is a nationwide issue as teenagers...

Club members discuss coding problems, code and chat after president Justin Huang finishes announcements during their meeting on Dec. 13.

New Clubs for a New Year

Claire Meng (she/her), Opinion Editor Dec 28, 2022

Coding club Every other Tuesday in Room 602, Coding & Computing Club meets to practice questions, prepare for competitions and discuss computer science concepts. The club was founded by junior Justin...

Creating positive gym attitudes can start in the sports community by reaching out to teammates, coaches and captains. Prioritizing health over size and ability is something that several athletes are trying to bring attention to in order to maintain the fun and find relief from stress that the gym brings. 

Gym rats have bad reps

While gym culture has often been stereotyped as closed-off, competitive and toxic, the environment at the gym can be a healthy and supportive community for everyone. As the gym community continues to expand,...

The recent installation of new menstrual product dispensers has both pros and cons for students who need them.

Disrupting the cycle: Misuse of new menstrual products

Menstrual products are a necessity, but their accessibility, availability and quality have long been an issue. On May 3, 2021, Washington state House Bill 1273 was signed into law. The bill states that,...

Amanda Ellis, Gage Hopkins, Jordan Chong and Zaldy Rogero have boarded the Viking ship.

All aboard the Viking ship: new teachers on deck

Amanda Ellis After earning her bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia, Amanda Ellis (she/her) started out as a dietician before switching careers during the pandemic. Now, after getting...

Sophomore Lauren Vesely opens up TikTok to de-stress after a long Monday on Nov. 10. “TikTok is fun because there’s always something new to learn on it,” she said.

The dangers of misinformation on TikTok

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, as of 2022, more than two-thirds of Americans ages 13-17 use TikTok, making it the second most popular platform among teenagers behind YouTube. TikTok promotes...

The schools lack of water fountains has many students frustrated and thirsty.

Where’s the water: The effects of inaccessible fountains

Last year, Northshore School District directed its schools to shut down their water fountains to prevent the spread of COVID. Instead, they paid for and installed water jugs, so students would have water....

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