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New principal promises to motivate students towards success
Going green: We have a ways to go
Lil’ Viks, bigger spirit
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Sex ed is outdated and not inclusive
Point/Counterpoint: Honor Society
Point/Counterpoint: Political discussion in class
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Spring album reviews

Jonah Austin, Reporter
April 24, 2018

Black Panther: The Album Hitting the top of the Billboard 200, Kendrick Lamar’s “Black Panther: The Album” definitely lives up to the movie that shares its name. All of the songs are either inspired by or made for the film, with songs such as “Paramedic!” and “Pray for Me” finding a place in the movie. In the album, Lamar effectively utilizes aspects of traditional African music ...

Oscar short films

Oliver Hopcroft and Joanna Wyler
March 29, 2018

My nephew Emmet by Joanna Wyler In 1955, Emmett Till, a young teen from Chicago, visited his family in Mississippi. He had been accused of whistling at a white woman in town. Unbeknownst to him, that simple, unsuspecting act would be the cause of his horrifying death. Till was brutally beaten past the point of recognition by the woman’s husband and and half brother. Till’s lynching was 63 year...

Black Panther in review

Alex Haworth, Managing Editor
March 12, 2018

Whenever a new Marvel movie comes out, it’s usually met with a reasonable amount of buzz and a wave of enthusiasm from fans. The latest Marvel movie, however, has got the whole country talking — for good reason. “Black Panther,” which takes place in the fictional, secretive and wealthy of Wakanda in central Africa, features a cast with an unprecedented majority of African American cast and cr...

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