Athletes find new ways to practice during quarantine


Nathan Guest

School sports were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students continue to stay active and practice at home. Photo by Nathan Guest

Nathan Guest, Sports Editor

As Washingtonians remain in lockdown after the stay-at-home order was extended to May 31, all workout and fitness centers remain closed. However, this hasn’t stopped many of the athletes from getting their activity. 

Boys Soccer senior captain Peter Lie is using a wooden board for drills in his backyard, working on accuracy and repetition.

“I just feel lucky enough to have a backyard that I can play soccer in, even though it’s not the same as playing at Pop Keeney under the lights,” Lie said.

Golfers have had to become extra creative due to the amount of space required to play the sport. Junior captain Vivianna White said she has been putting in her living room to try and work on her shots on the green and chipping in her backyard to simulate in-game scenarios. 

“Even though there is very limited space, I am using whatever resources I have to become a better player,” White said.

A resource that is being widely used are media platforms like YouTube, which provide everything from tutorials on improving form to strength and conditioning videos. Girls tennis senior captain Milan Mar said she has been working on her form while the courts are closed.

“I’ve been watching YouTube and doing TV workouts to keep my cardio and form to keep in shape,” Mar said.

With all of the free time quarantine has opened up, athletes are able to concentrate their attention to the parts of their game that need improvement. Junior baseball player Kyle Shea has been throwing alone every day along with doing garage workouts.

“It’s been nice to have some time to get to focus on weights and throwing more,” Shea said.

Even though there are many ways to practice sports, players are missing out on the fun moments with their friends during the season. Track athlete senior Megan Best said she misses the overall social atmosphere that track brings.

“I miss the distance team so much, it’s sad we don’t get to have a senior season,” Best said. 

Senior Gabriel Blatner said he misses the tennis traditions of going to Triple XXX as a team.

“I miss the sports communities a lot and the motivation that stems from those supportive communities,” Blatner said.

After several months of lockdown, people are hoping for life to be back to normal by the fall of 2020, where the saturday night lights will be waiting for them.