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Drop the bae and chase that A

Drop the bae and chase that A

Jackie Su (she/her), Co-Editor-in-Chief Jun 21, 2023

Young love spreads like a virus in high school. Couples can be seen constantly canoodling in the courtyard and even sharing some borderline inappropriate exchanges. Having a partner seems to be the norm...

Its expensive to be a senior

It’s expensive to be a senior

Arushi Sharma (she/her), Co-Editor-in-Chief Jun 18, 2023

With another class of bright minds getting ready to don their caps and gowns, it’s pivotal to shed light on an often overlooked aspect of graduation: the substantial financial burden that comes with...

Quantity over quality is  Hollywoods motto when it comes to celebrity biopics.

Celebrity biopics are starting to feel gross

Hope Rasa (she/her), Web-Editor-in-Chief May 7, 2023

From Elvis to Oppenheimer, Hollywood has spent the past few years churning out biopic after biopic. However, some recent, less tasteful biopics have people wondering if they should even be a thing.  “Pam...

Do you really get what you pay for when it comes to pre-collegiate summer programs?

Are pre-collegiate summer programs worth the cost?

Yes, summer programs are time well spent Preparing for college and life after high school is highly important. High school students are not learning the independent living skills they need in school environments,...

‘Pretty please?’: Sign posted on the door of the girls bathroom in Sherwood’s Forest asking students not to close it.

Chaining bathroom doors open: Who’s idea was this?

Hope Rasa (she/her), Web-Editor-in-Chief Apr 28, 2023

To stop kids from misbehaving in the bathrooms, the administration has started chaining bathroom doors open. Right now, only the theater and courtyard bathrooms have chains on them, but that may change....

Point/counterpoint: Posting about academic achievements on social media

Point/counterpoint: Posting about academic achievements on social media

Point: Be proud People cannot help but compare. It is in our nature to compare ourselves and our actions with others. Every day, students share academic achievements with peers; test scores, class grades...

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Editorial: Dogpiling celebrity hate

Nordic News Staff Mar 21, 2023

Celebrities are constantly under public scrutiny, leaving them open to harmful comments and public harassment. Dogpiling celebrity hate occurs when viewers gang up on celebrities through critical or abusive...

Ye may be canceled for now, but he
won’t stay canceled
for long.

Unpacking the Kanye conundrum

William He (he/him), Junior Web-Editor-in-Chief, Photo Editor Feb 1, 2023

In the last months of 2022, renowned hip-hop artist Ye (he/him), who formally went by Kanye West, was seemingly canceled once and for all following his wearing of a “White Lives Matter” shirt — a...

Are AI art and essay generators a helpful tool or a hinderance for artists and authors?

Point/counterpoint: Are AI art and essays a threat?

Point: Yay I! You may have witnessed a peer on their computer creating artwork or writing faster than Seattle weather changes. Artificial intelligence art and text-generating websites are on the rise,...

Editorial: Ethics of military recruitment

Editorial: Ethics of military recruitment

Nordic News Staff Jan 16, 2023

As graduation draws closer, high school seniors across the country are faced with the daunting task of deciding what they’ll do next. While many will go on to college or the workforce, others may join...

The controversial subject of gender neutral restrooms has become widely debated as the school moves forward with plans to remodel.

Point/counterpoint: Gender neutral bathrooms

Point: Having more gender-neutral bathrooms on campus would benefit everyone and they should be added as soon as possible. Gender-neutral bathrooms are a necessity. It’s essential that more are added...

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