Boys basketball ends season strong with home game win

Senior Nick Smith shoots a fadeaway against Woodinville on Thursday, Apr. 20. Photo by Tam Tran.

Tam Tran

Senior Nick Smith shoots a fadeaway against Woodinville on Thursday, Apr. 20. Photo by Tam Tran.

Nathan Guest, Sports Editor

As the six-game season comes to a close, Coach Gregory Lowell and the boys varsity basketball team end with a strong victory in their last home game on April 27. The roster took a major blow this year after losing an entire starting lineup of seniors. After going far into state last year, the juniors continue to fight for the team’s success. Despite the struggle in the first four games, they eventually found their stride against North Creek, winning 62-59. Senior guard Aidan Bennett said the team is getting in better shape and playing stronger together.

“I think a strong point for our team is that really any of us can handle the ball,” Bennett said. “That adds a lot of versatility to the squad and allows any of us to get the offense going.”

One of the obvious setbacks on the roster is the lack of height. Compared to other teams in the district, the roster is quite short. 6’5” senior Adam Rockwood is the tallest player on the team, but he plays more of a slasher role, which is someone who attacks the basket and is more of a small forward. Rockwood played on the C-team in his freshman year and afterwards decided to take time off from basketball. With a massive growth in athleticism and height, Rockwood rejoined the team for his senior year. Rockwood said rebounding is a big area of improvement for the team.

“Our defense is letting up far too many offensive rebounds, leading to those extra points. I personally need to be getting more rebounds, even though I’m not necessarily a big man,” Rockwood said.

In the 2019-2020 season, the boys basketball team had a similar issue of height, but they played at such a high level of intensity, speed, and pressure that it offset other teams. Nevertheless, Coach Lowell said he’s happy to have a great group of kids who are looking to improve to that level of play. 

“I’m just happy we’ve gotten a season to begin with for these kids to play, and from watching this season, there’s only more work to be done,” Lowell said.