Youthful roster may be an early obstacle for boys basketball


Joanna Wyler

Point guard Zach Shimek drives past Issaquah defender on his way to the rim. Inglemoor boys went on to lose 67-55.

Caden Frank, Sports Editor

As the Varsity boys lead up to this season’s league play,  they may have a potential challenge already brewing. The roster includes six underclassmen (five sophomores, and one freshman.) However the team is ready to face the season head on.

“When you’re younger, it’s all sort of a process in terms of growing. But this is a brand new team, and a brand new season,” veteran coach Greg Lowell said.

Trusting the process may be a big theme for the Vikings this season. Last year’s team featured six seniors, and their experience was key in Inglemoor’s run to state. Returning sophomore Zach Shimek noticed the impact the loss of seniors had.

“It’s different. They’ve been there so long, and they just knew everything about being on Varsity. There are a lot of new faces this year. They’re all learning, and since I played last year, I’m trying to help out,” Shimek said. Shimek is one of just four returning players from the 2016-2017 season.

The young team, however, shows early potential.

“I think we move the ball extremely well, and we have some good shooters,” senior Michael Hagen said.

Lowell agreed.          

“Our kids are hard workers, we shoot the ball pretty well. I would also say they function as a group pretty well, they’re really playing team basketball,” Lowell said.

Although the young squad has an upside, Coach Lowell mentioned some weaker areas they are working through as a team.

“Defensively we’ve just got to get a lot better, and the kids know that. Like I said, it’s a process, so hopefully we grow as we get older, and improve as we go,” Lowell said.

As the KingCo games come around, the boys basketball team already has a couple games circled on the calendar.

Shimek said one of the games he’s looking forward to is their home game against Bothell on Dec.15.

“We know they’re gonna be good this year, and we always want play our best against them. They’re our rival,” Shimek said.