Cheeky: scary Zoom Mad Lib

In the mood for a scare? Try your hand at this Mad Lib, detailing the series of unusual events that occurred during a class Zoom call that turned out to be truly terrifying.

Cheeky scary stories. Art by Selin Asan

Selin Asan

Cheeky scary stories. Art by Selin Asan

Selin Asan, Reporter

Disclaimer: The following story is purely fiction. Enjoy!

Early one Monday morning, I was getting ready to start online school by entering a class Zoom meeting. While waiting for my teacher to let me into the Zoom meeting, I heard a sudden (sound). The students’ faces had a(n) (adjective) expression which led me to believe that something (adjective) had happened. This was very unusual because nothing like this has happened on Zoom, so I called a(n) (noun) over to show them. As (same noun) came over, I accidentally unmuted my mic as I was (sound with -ing). The class heard me and suddenly started to (verb), which made me terrified. I had to end the Zoom call because I was (verb with -ing), but the teacher told me to stay, which (adjective) me. I couldn’t leave Zoom, so I sat there (verb with -ing). A few minutes passed by, and I was watching my screen. As I began looking closer at a classmate’s screen, there were two (nouns) who came and put a bag over the student’s head, apparently kidnapping the student. The whole class was in utter (adjective). The teacher didn’t know what to do so he started (verb with -ing).  The Zoom call ended, but since then I’ve been (adjective) to get on Zoom because of how the teacher and students started (verb with-ing). This for sure made me (adjective) to get on Zoom next time.


Noun Person, place or thing
Adjective Word that describes a noun
Verb Word that show an action