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  • Have a great summer Viks!
  • Congratulations to Jadie Hwang for placing 2nd in the WSPTA Relections in Literature!
  • Congratulations to the Inglemoor Crew Women’s 4+ boat for winning 5th at the US Rowing Youth National Championships!
  • Congratulations to National Merit Scholarship Recipient Senior Bennett Ye!
  • Congratulations to senior Ava Espiritu who won the League of Women Voters’s video contest!
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The student news site of Inglemoor High School

Nordic News

The student news site of Inglemoor High School

Nordic News

Cheeky Fantasies


Once upon a time, I woke up at 8 a.m. sharp to go to school, threw my _______ (adjective) hair into a messy bun, admired my flawless ______ (body parts) in the mirror and grabbed my Stanley cup full of _______________ (your usual Starbucks order). My life is terrible. I’ve been broken up with twice now, once by my rock-chiseled lover, Dwayne, and another by the __________ (adjective for a cheating partner) Adam Levine. I need a Prince Charming who won’t run around breaking _______(body part plural) and actually love me for who I am!


I’m startled from my daydreaming by the ________ (sound) of my evil stepmother. That ___________________________ (Shakespearean-style insult) never leaves me alone! I run off to school in my Converse that should probably be thrown away and put on Maroon 5 while waiting for school to start (it’s a small indie band and isn’t that popular but I like it because I’m different. I might still be missing my Addy). Despite my music cranked to ear-splitting volumes, I hear people talking about a new student! (______________) (excuse for eavesdropping). Could this be the man for me? Would I finally break my curse of ___________ (way to describe terrible men) and find true love? I go off to my first class, high on my dreams of meeting this perfect man.


Stricken with ____  (emotion) while laboring away in _____ (school subject), I hurt my _____(body part) on _____ (super safe classroom object). I begin to feel drowsy, so I ask the ______ (rude term for authority figure) to ______ (excuse for leaving class to talk to your friends during their lunch).  I wander around campus before falling onto the nearest _______ (uncomfortable surface), wanting nothing more than to sleep the day away.


I’m woken to the _____ (adjective) lips of a _______ (adjective) man. A thousand thoughts race through my once drowsy mind. Who is he? Why me? Why am I completely smitten? He pulls me up by my ______ (body part) and leads me through the halls before I even realize what’s happening. I’m so dumbstruck that I find myself following ____ (silly adverb) after him, as if I’m in a trance. I must be dreaming to have this dream boy with dreamy eyes give me this dream come true! Eyes ______ (movement verb) to us as we walk across campus to ______ (obscure and hidden location on campus)


“Why were you sleeping by yourself?” he _____ (synonym for “says” that your English teacher forces you to come up with). “B-because I didn’t want anyone to find me?” I blurt out, embarrassed. He grabs my _____ (body part) and pulls me closer. 

My heart was _____ (-ing verb) faster than it ever had before! I was so enchanted, I had forgotten I was still supposed to be ______ (working hard/hardly working) on my many overdue assignments. While I was living out this fantasy, my teachers and fellow students would likely be super ____ (adjective) that I had suddenly disappeared! In my head I knew I should be going back to class, but my ____ (way to describe dangerous heart state) heart told me otherwise. Was _______ (same location on campus as before) where I would finally receive true love’s _____ (noun)?




  1. Something you won’t find in high school
  2. The feeling of waking up on a Monday that you don’t have school
  3. The area of Inglemoor where branches constantly slap your face if you’re 5’4 or taller
  4. What you cast on yourself when you signed up for the IB diploma
  5. An embodiment of the freshman spirit



  1. Going home and not having to do anything is a ____
  2. What the new music building would be classified as in a fairy tale
  3. Something you’ll need to get through the IB program with good grades (and it’s not insanity, sacrificing your sleep or your dashing good looks)
  4. Walking around with your backpack open: -3,000 ____
  5. The last word to come to mind when describing the school bathrooms


Disclaimer: Cheeky is not responsible for any infatuations with Prince Charming or newfound desires pertaining to the story of Sleeping Beauty.



1. True love  2. Fantasy  3. Magical  4. Castle  5. Forest.  6. Blessing  7. Curse  8. Aura  9. Goblin 10. Charming


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Boden Little (he/him)
Boden Little (he/him), Cheeky Editor
Junior Boden Little is the Cheeky Editor for his second year on Nordic News for the 2023-2024 school year. This year he hopes to keep getting better at photography and continue making people laugh. Around school, you can find him on the Inglemoor track and field team, and still trying to decide what club to join. Outside of school, you can find him playing popular indie games, still waiting for Hollow Knight: Silksong or listening to music artists you’ve never heard of.
Piper Kinsey (she/her)
Junior Piper Kinsey is beginning her first year on the Nordic staff as a reporter, and hopes to use this opportunity to learn more about the skills needed for meaningful journalism, share ideas, and work together with peers. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family and friends, baking overly decorated cookies, and drawing.

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