Boden Little (he/him) and Mya Vo (she/her)

The teachers lounge in all its glory

Cheeky I-SEE

Nov 12, 2022

Welcome to the teachers lounge! A haven for teachers to relax after having their sanity eroded by obnoxious children. Only teachers are allowed to visit this magical place, but we here at Cheeky have infiltrated this sanctuary to uncover the treasures (and trash) they hoard in this lair. See what you can see with your eyes as you gaze upon this 100% accurate rendering of the fabled teachers lounge.

The teachers lounge in all its glory (Boden Little (he/him) and Mya Vo (she/her))

List of items: coffee, failed tests, diary, improvised sleep mask, mysterious stain (probably coffee), unknown dozing teacher, cringe-worthy posters, Mr. Raines’ unicorn poster, coffee, film poster from Mr. Flye’s room, Mr. McQueen’s Fidel Castro bobblehead, moldy orange from Mr. Trafford’s class (it’s worse!), Ms. Anderson’s Snuppy memorabilia, Mrs. Black’s guinea pigs (Fern and Chibi), lab skeleton, and keys to Calhoun’s golf cart.


Disclaimer: Cheeky hopes this I-SEE challenge has sufficiently enhanced your espionage skills. Now you can see those small details you missed in math equations and decipher your teacher’s handwriting. Keep squinting! (Note: Cheeky is not responsible for any misinformation that results from our lack of knowledge on the true contents of the teachers’ lounge).

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Photo of Boden Little (he/him)
Boden Little (he/him), Cheeky Editor

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Photo of Mya Vo (she/her)
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Senior Mya Vo is a reporter for Nordic News during the 2022-2023 school year. Her goal this year for Nordic is to learn more about writing articles and...

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