DIY gift guide

For the people who have yet to figure out gifts to give family and friends, here’s a DIY guide on how to craft some helpful ideas. These gift suggestions are excellent if you need any last-minute, easy and fun gifts to deliver!



Arts and entertainment DIY gift guide thumbnail. Art by Selin Asan

Selin Asan, Reporter

Tea tree

A depiction of a completed do-it-yourself tea tree to give to a loved one. Art by Selin Asan

With the holidays coming up, it’s important to stay warm and cozy. 

One essential way to achieve the highest level of relaxation is 

to sip on a warm and delightful drink. 

For all our tea lovers out there, here’s a fun 

DIY gift for the holidays that’ll be sure to 

give them a dose of caffeine and a warm fuzzy feeling 



11 inch paper towel rolls, string, tape, scissors and lots of tea bags


  1. Tape 11 inch string to each teabag
  2. Tape the string with a tea bag on the outside of paper towel roll. Continue to move up, covering the tape with the next layer.
  1. Add a star on top for the final effect!



Selin Asan
A scrapbook filled with photos and reminders can be a wonderful gift for the holiday season. Art by Selin Asan

When it comes to crafting your gift, it’s much more thoughtful to make it personal by encapsulating your relationship with someone special. 

A scrapbook is perfect for combining all your precious memories. 


three to four paper lunch bags (brown or white), scissors, printed photos to size, glue stick or tape (any adhesive), hole puncher, colored pencils, markers and personal items like movie tickets, etc

like movie tickets, etc.


1. Use scissors to cut photo-sized squares out of paper bags.

  1. Assemble the squares on top of each other and hole punch three holes down the side.
  2. Thread holes with yarn or ribbon and tie together on the outside
  3. Use glue stick or tape to adhere the printed photos to the squares
  4. Use colored pencils and/or markers to add extra decoration!



Personalized mug 

Selin Asan
A personalized mug is an easy and thoughtful gift to give to someone. Art by Selin Asan

Personalized gifts are sincere and wonderful to give for the joyous holidays 

because they convey a message of appreciation for the special person. A simple but classic gift is a mug that can hold any hot drink that immediately brings warmth and comfort to our hearts. By taking the time to personalize a beautiful mug, 

the recipient will think of you every time they use it. 



White mug, acrylic paint, paintbrushes and dish-washer safe varnish.


  1. Start painting mug according to your style

  1. After dry, coat with dishwasher-safe varnish such as Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Gloss so your design will never wash off.

Fill with a warm drink and enjoy!