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Thrilling shows with non-English prose

Thrilling shows with non-English prose


Alice in Borderland is a thrilling show from start to finish, with surprising twists to every dilemma the characters face. It takes place in a version of Tokyo devoid of people except for the few others that were also sent there. The show revolves around Arisu and his friends, Karube and Chota as they explore this place they’ve been transported to.

While exploring, a white screen with text on the side of a building turns on, pointing them to a “game.” Inside this game, they meet Saori Shibuki, who explains to Arisu and his friends that they must compete in these games to get days on their “visa,” a timer on how long they have left to live. The games’ difficulty is represented using a playing card, with the number representing the difficulty, and the suit representing the type of game. 

The games are lethal, have clever twists and take an emotional toll on the players. They test Arisu’s problem solving and leadership skills as he finds ways to save himself and his friends. In between games, he and his friends work to discover who is responsible for the games, find out exactly where they are and figure out how to get back to the real world.

Along his journey, Arisu learns the true nature of people, and he realizes the value of his formerly normal life as he lives a new, bizarre one. Frequent flashbacks provide backstory for people that Arisu meets along the way, as characters come into Arisu’s life without warning or much explanation. 

Alice in Borderland portrays themes around loss and perseverance beautifully, with all the characters in this world having lost their old life, they all are working to get back to it. Many of the characters in this show lose themselves or others to some degree, whether it be direct, or they’ve become mentally and emotionally changed beyond recognition from the games and the harsh reality of this world.

Those who enjoyed “Squid Game” will definitely find themselves binging “Alice in Borderland”. This is not only an incredible piece of science fiction but an action thriller that’s exciting from start to end.

Viewers should be aware that this series contains sexual violence, suicide, self harm, violence, gore and nudity.



Through compelling characters and thrilling exploration of the human psyche, “The Victims’ Game” combines aspects of police investigation with a psychological drama to provide a captivating viewing experience. 

One of the strongest aspects in the show is its complex and well developed characters. Forensic scientist Fang Yi-jen is a man with excellent observational skills who the police rely on heavily. Yi-jen has autism and his social interactions are often misunderstood. The show captures the complexities of Yi-jen’s condition while also displaying his brilliance. It tackles social issues by focusing on Yi-jen’s perspective and the contributions he makes. To him, collecting evidence and finding the truth was straightforward until he became a part of singer Su Ko-yun’s suicide case where Ko-yun’s body was found in a bathtub dissolved in acid. 

Yi-jen finds the fingerprints of his estranged daughter on the drain plug at the crime scene. However, he keeps this information from his team and the police and instead tries to figure out what happened on his own, risking everything to find his daughter. This complex case tests Yi-jen’s mind and morals as he searches for his daughter who’s wanted for the death of Ko-yun. 

Throughout this case, Yi-jen is forced to interact with various individuals and get through complex social situations, allowing him to form connections and gain new perspectives from the people he meets. He confronts his unresolved issues with his daughter, acknowledging his past actions.  

The show effectively creates an immersive experience with its ambient sound and low-key lighting, highlighting its dark themes revolving around murder and loss. Throughout the show, Yi-jen becomes trapped in a spiral of lies which lead to further consequences. It dives into the psychological trauma experienced by both victims and the investigators — not to mention, the stigma surrounding mental health when victims and investigators act upon their trauma. The detailed and accurate representation of real forensic science techniques enhances the realism of the story.

For lovers of mystery, crime and suspense, this thriller is an absolute must watch. Viewers should also be aware that this series contains suicide, self harm, gore, drugs, violence and offensive language. 


“This is the story of a thief. But not just any thief. The first thing you need to know is that no one knows who he is.”

With its stunning cinematography and beautiful film locations, “Lupin” highlights the elegance of Paris and its characters.  Assane Diop and his father Babakar moved from Senegal to Paris when his father was hired as a chauffeur for Hubert Pellegrini, one of the richest men in France. At 14 years old, Assane’s life drastically changes when his father is wrongfully blamed for the disappearance of the Pellegrini family’s priceless diamond necklace. x

After the loss of the necklace, Babakar is sentenced to life in prison, where he takes his own life shortly after. 

Assane knows his father was a good person, and he seeks to understand what really happened. When the Pellegrini family discovers the lost necklace 25 years later, Assane — inspired by a book his father gave to him about a gentleman thief known as Arsène Lupin — sets out for revenge against the Pellegrinis. 

As the show progresses, unexpected twists and turns keep the audience guessing. The whole time, Assane struggles with the ethical challenges of this job. He discovers the consequences of his actions and how it affects those around him. 

Assane finds out that the family plans to auction the necklace at the Louvre, and he plans a careful heist. With multiple disguises ranging from a janitor at the museum to a wealthy man, Assane pretends to buy the necklace.

“Lupin” also explores themes of injustice, identity and family. This show raises thought-provoking questions about justice and the lengths someone might take to get it. There is a stark contrast between the rich and the poor, Assane’s father is an example of how power was exploited. When Assane discovers the circumstances surrounding his father’s conviction and death, he is not only driven by revenge but the worry of protecting his wife and son. The flashbacks throughout the show provide background for Assane’s motives and personality, revealing layers of Assane’s intricate plan.

Fans of thrilling mysteries and deception should prepare for a rollercoaster ride of unexpected plot twists. Viewers should take note that content in this series contains offensive language, smoking and suicide. 

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