Nordic’s night on the town


Tammi Tran

Finding a local and affordable place to eat can be difficult on a night like prom. Nordic has complied a short list of restaurants worth trying for a night out on the town.

Tammi Tran and Mireya Avalos

From traditional Chinese cuisine to world famous fish and chips, Nordic has curated a niche list of restaurants perfect for a night out, located around some of Seattle and Kenmore’s most interesting areas. Consider these affordable restaurants for prom, or any other upcoming special occasion. 

Deja Moo: 

There is a beauty in the juxtaposition of dressing up and getting ready just to go out to get a hefty burger. At Deja Moo, the secondary branch of Tipsy Cow,  the 7 oz. gourmet burgers satisfy every craving. These gourmet burgers and appetizers are an affordable option for most, accommodate dietary restrictions and create a sophisticated yet laid back experience.

The creative take on the classic burger is redefined as they introduce new and well thought out flavor combinations. From the “Thai Fighter”—which has a ginger turkey patty, sweet cilantro, Bibb lettuce, cucumber + carrot slaw and garlic Thai peanut sauce—to the “Wine Snob”—which includes a round beef patty, triple cream brie, alfalfa sprouts, caramelized onions and truffle aioli—this burger joint has a wide variety of fun and crafty options. Starting at $14.50, these customizable and gourmet burgers don’t break the budget either. They also have a variety of patty choices such as turkey, salmon, chicken and black bean. Their interesting flavors set them aside from other establishments; a person can’t get the “Mother Clucker” just anywhere. 

Located in Juanita Village, Deja Moo is close enough to home for most to save gas while being next to the water to create a nice ambiance for a post-meal stroll next to Lake Washington. This adaptation of the Tipsy Cow franchise is new and modern, which creates a higher end setting with affordable prices. The friendly staff and casual atmosphere allows for a relaxed and enjoyable experience. 


Jade Garden: 

Dim sum is a vital part of Chinese culture and is a delicacy that directly translates to “touch the heart.” These small portions of delectable dishes are meant to warm and soothe the body. Jade Garden, in the heart of Chinatown in Seattle, checks these boxes with their delightful options of seafood, Chinese baos and noodles. The variety of dim sum dishes are offered at a reasonable price, $17 a range and are presented in a timely manner. Though they are small portions of food, you’ll find yourself stuffed from three or four classic dim sum dishes. 

For those who love bao buns, try their teriyaki pork ones. Steamed to perfection, these buns are fluffy, flavorful and incredibly filling. Their vegetarian options are perfect. From garlic broccolini to taro balls, the dishes are seemingly endless. But, most importantly, for those who have a sweet tooth, Jade Garden’s egg custards are one of their most popular desserts. 

With a scan of a QR code, you can order your meal directly from your phone. Their spacious dining tables with lazy susans and decorative seating lends to a more luxurious feeling than some other restaurants in the International District of Seattle, augmented by the friendly staff at Jade Garden is extremely helpful and courteous to their customers. If you’re looking for a nice restaurant with authentic and hearty dishes, Jade Garden is the perfect scene for you. 

Ivar’s Salmon House:

Seattle is home to many iconic restaurants, one of which is the Ivar’s franchise. With 18 locations in Washington alone, the seafood restaurant has become a staple in Seattle culture. The Ivar’s Salmon House—a fancier version of the typical casual seafood eatery—not only provides a satisfying view of Lake Union, but gives the customer an exceptionally delicious dining experience. 

The Salmon House has a gorgeous selection of various fish and seafood options. Although they are most noted for their World Famous Fish and Chips and clam chowder options, their Northwest Seafood Platter has been reviewed as one of their best dishes. They have a wide range of salmon options, from cedar plank wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon—which is prepared with a bourbon glaze and is served with bacon onion jam and cornbread pudding—to alder grilled wild Alaskan Coho salmon, which is served with Apple-fennel-currant chutney, garlic Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. 

Despite being a seafood-oriented restaurant, they have well thought-out vegetarian meals that provide options for both vegans and vegetarians. They have a Cucina Fresca gnocchi which is gnocchi served with carrots, celery, onions, sweet peas, marinara sauce topped with a roasted garlic tomatoes relish, as well as cajun fried avocado tacos, which are corn tortillas with pan fried avacados, topped with cilantro lime slaw, mango salsa, pico de gallo and chips. While the menu is diverse, the selection is more expensive than other options, but you’re paying for high quality fresh ingredients prepared by talented chefs. The salmon dishes average to $23 a dish, while other entree options start at $15. The food is beyond delicious, and the view of water outlooking the Space Needle is unbeatable—not to mention the friendly staff and servers. The Salmon House is a fancier option, but it doesn’t have the jaw dropping prices of some upscale restaurants. You can comfortably dress up while enjoying the nice meal with a view. If you’re planning for a prom night out, there is availability for May 21 for groups up to 15 as of April 25.