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2017-2018 Editor goodbyes

From left to right, seniors Surya Hendry, Megan Munson and Maya Holt sit in senior Ewan Brown's truck for their final picture as a triumvirate.

Megan Munson, Surya Hendry, and Maya Holt

June 8, 2018

Surya Hendry Unbelievably, at the end of my sophomore year, I considered leaving Nordic. It didn’t feel like the right fit. I felt too nervous conducting interviews, too uncertain writing ledes, too shaky creating graphics. Journalism probably wasn’t for me. Two years later, I am confident that my...

Editorial: Self-care and stress

Editorial: Self-care and stress

January 13, 2017

Students are all too familiar with the frequent pressures of high school. Intense workloads plague students of all grade levels, causing stress and overall unhappiness. To maintain positive mental health, it’s beneficial to prioritize self-care over schoolwork. Self-care can mean many things: taking time ...

Point/Counterpoint: Freedom of speech

Point/Counterpoint: Freedom of speech

December 6, 2016

Free speech enables hate By Maya Holt, Reporter Freedom has always been a cornerstone of America—it is among the rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution. Also among these rights is the equally-important right to life and liberty, and when people no longer feel safe in their community b...

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