Lush Halloween line review

Bewitched (Bubble Bar) – 5/5 stars

This bubble bar is an all-around win. Its cute appearance (seriously – it’s shaped like a cat) only scratches the surface. Even just one half of the bubble bar produces a bath’s worth of bubbles and a rich, flowery smell. The water beneath the piles of bubbles turns a deep black, which feels perfect for the season. New this year, this bubble bar is sure to become a Lush Halloween classic.

Sparkly Pumpkin (Bubble Bar) – 4/5 stars

The Sparkly Pumpkin is a simple, classic Lush product. Using only half of the bubble bar creates plenty of bubbles and results in orange, glittery water. The bar smells fruity and fun, and is reminiscent of many other Lush products. However, this means that it doesn’t stand out too much when compared to the rest of the line. Although pleasant, the Sparkly Pumpkin isn’t really something to remember. This product is great if you’re looking to play it safe, but not if you want a little more magic in your tub.

Ectoplasm (Jelly Bomb) – 1/5 star

Jelly bombs, which are essentially regular bath bombs covered in a film of gel, are a new product for Lush. To say the least, Ectoplasm does not inspire hope in jelly bombs. Although it released a nice, citrusy smell when taken out of the packaging, its performance was poor once it hit the water. The layer of gel fell off of the product in mucus-like bits and did so slowly, meaning that by the time the bomb had finally melted, the bathwater was cold. This product also didn’t create any color, which was disappointing. The jelly layer did make the water feel especially soft, but also resulted in a slippery film on the bathtub’s porcelain floor, which is honestly a safety hazard. To be fair, this jelly bomb is perfect for the Halloween line — it’s a real fright!

Pumpkin (Bath Bomb) – 3/5 stars

Although this product is advertised as having a “spicy-sweet pumpkin pie perfume,” in reality, it releases a zesty, citrus-like scent. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing — it just doesn’t smell as advertised. Its scent is paired with a vibrant orange as it fizzes in the water. This bath bomb is definitely a fun one, although its branding isn’t really spot-on.