Maintaining club culture at school

Megan Munson, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In past years, Inglemoor has made it easy to be involved with school activities. Two weekly club times meant that students could participate in multiple activities without having to stay after school or change their daily schedules. This year, club times will be more limited in order to make room for an advisory period. As a result, students will have 16 fewer opportunities to involve themselves in their school community than last year.

For those who do not find passion in the textbooks they read for class, clubs can be a vital way to discover new interests. Through school clubs, students may find a love for debate, environmental awareness, politics — the list goes on. The array of interests provided by school clubs gives students the important chance to discover something they love. It is essential to provide as many opportunities as possible for students to find and enjoy these clubs. These interests can make school far more bearable, and can provide ideas for students’ future careers or academic paths.

In addition to discovering new interests, many rely on clubs to find friends. Being involved in a club means participating in an environment full of people with similar interests. During club times, people can bond over their shared interests and create valuable relationships. Many friendships are created through the availability of clubs at Inglemoor, and limiting club times means limiting the opportunities for these friends to be found.

The communities built within clubs are a massive trait of Inglemoor as a whole. Viking clubs are successful because students can participate without editing their regular schedules. These groups are a huge part of the Viking community, and to limit their presence is to change one of the best aspects of school: the involvement of students.

Inglemoor’s vibrant club culture needs to be preserved. Students rely on their favorite clubs to explore their interests at school, meet new people and stay engaged. In a school where students willingly involve themselves in the activities around them, it is especially important to maintain the opportunities for them to do so. Clubs need to be accessible — not limited — in order to keep students involved in their community.