Face in the Crowd: Ryan Ritter-Jones

Senior Ryan Ritter-Jones discusses his class schedule and his love for music and performance.

Peyton Carroll, Reporter

How many music classes are you taking?

I’m officially enrolled in four music classes: Jazz Band, Choir, Orchestra and Pit Orchestra, but I’ve played with the Wind Ensemble as well.

How are you getting enough credits to graduate?

I think it was because I was shooting for the four-year university admission requirements but then opted to go to community [college] first. So, I ended up only needing two credits this year, so I took a bunch of music. Also, my family’s support has been huge in dealing with my schedule.

How did you get into music?

My first memories of music are of listening to the radio in the car with my family as a kid. I picked up singing in fifth grade and then bass [guitar] in eighth grade.

Do you prefer bass guitar or upright bass?

They’re both great. Uprights have that warm thud that you just can’t get from any other instrument, but my heart will always belong to guitar because it’s way more versatile tonally. I can make a bass guitar fit any genre.What do you like most about performing?

Making art for people is the best. Just knowing that all the hard work and practice was worth it because someone enjoyed my music is the best part of performance.

How has music affected your life?

A lot of who I am today is because of music and all the lessons it has taught me. I’ve learned dedication, perseverance and responsibility, among many other things.

Favorite genre?

That’s not even a real question. I could never pick just one. I’m always trying to learn and play new styles, because it deepens my knowledge of music as a whole.