Face in the Crowd: Nic Teeny

Senior Nic Teeny shares about the accident he was in, his passion for video games and Korean movies.


Parker Albin, Photo Editor

What significant events have happened to you recently?

I got hit by a car.

How exactly did that happen?

My house is on the left lane of the road, and I was on my bicycle, so I was on the right lane. Basically, I had to turn into my driveway, but I didn’t look behind me, so I swerved into a car.

How many injuries did you sustain from the accident?

I broke my collarbone.

How has this affected you?

I’ve had to ask people for help, which I’m not a big fan of.

What’s something that you’ve learned from this accident?

Wear your helmet, look both ways and be careful.

On a different topic, what game systems do you own?

I own all three current systems: Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U.

Between Xbox One, PS4, and the Wii U, which one is your favorite and why?

Definitely the PS4: it has higher graphical quality along with more games that I enjoy–RPGs, especially Japanese ones.

Do you have a favorite game out of all the consoles you play on?

Splatoon, on the Wii U.

About how many hours a day do you play video games?

Probably two hours or so.

Is this a large or small decrease compared to the past summer?

It’s not that much of a decrease because I spent more time watching movies this summer than playing games.

Any specific type of movies?

I hardcore binged on Korean revenge thrillers.

What is it about this kind of thriller that you enjoy so much?

I like the stories: gritty tales of revenge with compelling narratives, good action scenes, superbly acted and the twists are always good.

Would you recommend these movies to other students at school to watch?

It depends; they are often very disturbing so if you can handle that, then yes, I would highly recommend. Good starting movies are “Oldboy” (directed by Park Chan-Wook) and “I Saw The Devil.”