Face in the crowd: Elijah Swain

Kiara Reed, Reporter

I’ve heard that you play the bass. What got you into that?

    I’ve been playing acoustic guitar and electric guitar for, at most, five years and my guitar instructor said that I have the potential to be a really good bass player. I invested money in that and bought a bass and I really like it.

Is anyone else in your family musical?

    Almost my whole family. I play guitar and bass, my mom sings, my sister sings, my brother plays piano and drums and my dad plays acoustic guitar.

What music are they into?

    My sister likes that modern pop kind of music that everybody’s listening to and rap. My mom and dad like almost religious rock like “Mumford and Sons,” “Kings of Leon,” and “Imagine Dragons.”

What are some of your favorite bands?

  I like “Weezer,” “Green Day,” “AC/DC.” A lot of classic rock.

I also heard you play the bass for your church’s band. What has that done for your faith?

    It’s a way that I can help spread faith that’s not teaching in the classrooms.

Is your faith a large part of your life?

    I make a lot of the decisions based on my faith mostly because I think that my faith and my decisions are parallel and are kind of the same.

Is there anything you want to add?

    No, I just like music and being nice to people because I feel like if I’m nice to other people it’ll catch on. You hear a lot of bad things in the news and I don’t like hearing that stuff, so I try to flip what the media’s trying to say but not in a rebellious way