Face in the Crowd: Dane Pischke

Senior Dane Pischke talks about long distance relationships and keeping it real by staying artsy

Caroline Hung, Centerspread Editor

What do you do during your free time?

I make trips to central Whidbey Island to hang out with my girlfriend. I got to see her four times this month.We take advantage of the old fashioned drive-in at Oak Harbor to see movies.

How did you meet her?

I met her at a thespians festival. I saw her sitting alone, so I pulled out a quarter and a nickel. I flicked them behind her head, so she turns around. I’m like, “Hey, this seat is open.” The rest was history. 

How do you maintain a relationship?

I had dealt with [relationship] drama in junior high, and I have developed these good rules. Rule #1: Don’t date anyone who goes to your school. If you break up, you have to see them every day while others judge. Rule #2: Don’t look back, especially not at their Facebook timelines. Rule #3: Don’t be sorry about anything. Otherwise, you will regret. Rule #4: Don’t rebound. Long distance relationships demonstrate patience and treasure.

So you dance?

I’m an artsy kid. I picked up dancing from my [older] brother because he does Hawaiian “poi,” the fireball on strings. Originally he’d go to raves and would do it with glow sticks. Also, my best friend from Redmond [High School] is one of the best dancers I know. This led to me having a job with him at Snowflake Lane in the dance crew, which was a lot of fun but a lot of work.

Any plan after high school?

I want to be a people person. So, the easiest thing for me is to [take a job] at Red Robin. My sister works as a waitress and she makes a lot of tips so I want to do that. I’ll wait for life to take me places from there.

What are your outfit inspirations?

They’re mainly from video games, anime and TV shows. Right now, I’m dressed as a really lazy Link.

Do you want to travel?

I want to see the world after graduation. My sister lives in Australia now, so I want to go visit her. I also want to travel the world with my brother and trace back our ethnic roots. We are German, Irish, Chinese and Filipino.