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The student news site of Inglemoor High School

Nordic News

The student news site of Inglemoor High School

Nordic News

Day in the Life

Day in the Life of a Running Start student

Day in the Life of a Running Start student

Apr 16, 2018

Junior Andrew Jumanca’s wakes up at 7:30 a.m. instead of the usual 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. that typical high school students get out of bed. Jumanca is enrolled in Running Start, a pre-college program...

Day in the life of a substitute teacher

Day in the life of a substitute teacher

Brian Xie, Reporter Feb 12, 2018

Sheri Rosenzweig, affectionately called “Rosie” by her students, is one of the school’s most beloved substitute teachers. For her, the job creates the perfect balance between her love for teaching...

Day in the life of a janitor

Day in the life of a janitor

Sam Goetze, Photo Editor Jan 22, 2018

Facility Manager Sofia Jennings has been at Inglemoor since 2005. Before that, she said she worked at Quiznos, in housekeeping and as a custodian at Canyon Creek Elementary. “I enjoy working with...

Seniors De La Torre, Angulo and Candido (from left to right) are pictured together after returning from their WANIC class. Through the program, the students have learned interpersonal skills that will serve them as they pursue careers in the healthcare field. “I’ve learned how to see different people’s points of view on situations,” Candido said. “Because of the fact that we’ll be working with patients, we’ve learned to listen and try to understand them.”

Day in the life of a WANIC student

Kaylea Agate, Reporter Nov 17, 2017

Seniors Jaris Candido, Ari Angulo and Jasmine De La Torre are nearly 10 minutes late to class every day. It’s not because they oversleep, or miss the bus or run into traffic, though. For the first three...

Kelly Stiefel sits at her desk, surrounded by computers and poised for action. Some of her job duties include answering 911 calls, dispatching units, running license plates, finding old records and listening to police radio.

Day in the life of a 911 operator

Jacoy Willis, Editor-in-Chief May 21, 2015

A flashing red light appears at the bottom of one of the eight computer screens on the desk, a quick tone sounds in your ear. You quickly poise yourself above one of the four keyboards and say, “911...

Abby Williamson poses outside of the studio with her favorite camera in hand.

Day in the life of a concert photographer

Jacoy Willis, Editor-in-Chief Mar 5, 2015

On a Wednesday night I drove to Seattle, not knowing what to expect of a live taping of two local bands, “Ravenna Woods” and “Kris Orlowski,” for a TV show called “Band in Seattle.” I was going...

Day in the life of a principal

Day in the life of a principal

Jacoy Willis, Editor-in-Chief Jan 23, 2015

This issue I decided to stay a bit closer to school for my ‘Day in the Life of…’. I didn’t really know what the three administrators Vicki Sherwood, Kristin Rose and Jon Stern did all day except...

Anchors Greg Copeland and Amanda Grace sit at the King 5 news desk during the 4 p.m. news.

Day in the life of a news anchor

Jacoy Willis, Editor-in-Chief Jan 22, 2015

These days people primarily get their news from social media or other online sources, but that doesn’t mean other forms of news are irrelevant. Though printed newspapers are slowly going out of style,...

Officer Gary Zornes sits in his police cruiser, ready for action. He has served in the force for 34 years and hopes to continue for at least two more before retiring.

Day in the life of a police officer

Jacoy Willis, Editor-in-Chief Nov 6, 2014

Police officers have a lot of responsibility, both on and off the clock. Recently, Kenmore police officer Gary Zornes took me on a four-hour ride-along to observe what it would be like to be a police officer....

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