Adam Walter makes a racket on the tennis courts

As the boys tennis season comes to an end, junior Adam Walter is the top player on the boys team.


Priya Annapureddy

Adam Walter practices his swing before a match against Issaquah on Oct. 3. Photo by Priya Annapureddy

Eli Shafer, Co-Business Manager

As the boys tennis season comes to an end, junior Adam Walter is the top player on the boys team. Walter’s experience playing tennis began early.

“I’ve been playing [tennis] pretty much all my life. [I started] when I was two, with my dad,” Walter said.

With a ranking that puts him in the top 25 of all players in Washington, Alaska and Oregon, Walter said he expects to finish the season as one of the top three players in King County, an improvement from his top five finish last year. Walter said this improvement is because of the time spent practicing in the off season.

“Outside of school, I play [tennis] three or four times a week with my dad and in tournaments,” Walter said.

Walter’s record, which contains two losses throughout the season, has helped the Inglemoor team achieve an overall record of 7-3, placing them fourth in King County. For Walter, he said the
appeal of tennis is found in the sport’s unique style of competition.

“[Tennis] is unlike other sports—you’re just by yourself. You don’t really have anyone helping you outside of your coach,” Walter said. “When you’re playing, you can’t talk to anybody, you just have to figure it out on your own.”

While this independent style of play is part of what attracts Walter to the sport, it also presents its own challenges.

“Tennis is probably one of the most frustrating sports out there; it’s a lot of problem solving, and that’s just really hard,” Walter said.

One challenge for Walter came at the end of the season last year. At the district tournament, which is the state-qualifier event for tennis, Walter narrowly missed advancing to the finals.

“I was pretty close to [qualifying for state] last year, but I didn’t make it. That was really tough,” Wal-
ter said. “I’m pretty confident that I can make state this year; I really want to get it.”

As Walter enters his last two years of high-school tennis, he is beginning to think about his future in the sport.

“I don’t think [playing professionally] is realistic, but I really want to play in college,” Walter said. “Recently, I got interested in the [United States] Air Force Academy; they have a great tennis team.”

Adam’s level of play has been noticed by his fellow tennis players as well.

“[Walter] plays really clean. He’s got a pretty good game at the net too… He’s got good placement of his volleys and quick reflexes, and he plays to his opponents’ weaknesses,” senior captain Matt Cummings said.

Cummings said he notices a change in Walter’s personality when he’s playing.

“He becomes a totally different person inside the court. Outside, he’s a bit more outgoing and outspoken, but then when he goes inside, he’s completely focused. That’s one thing I admire about
him—he’s always focused.”