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Local college vloggers worth watching


Deborah Chu

Deborah Chu (she/they), also known as Dobochobo, started vlogging on YouTube in 2020, and started constantly uploading soon after. This year, she is a senior at the University of Washington, pursuing a double major in communications and food, nutrition and health.

Dobochobo’s videos truly encompass her college experience. She often vlogs her life and friends, but what really shines in a Dobochobo video are the quiet moments — from a music-backed study timelapse to the shots of new decorations in her dorm room. Her whole environment matches her video aesthetics, from the messily framed photos on her wall to the squishmallow that she’s had since moving into her first dorm. 

Her editing style is just as comforting. She inputs faint piano music that turns up during the quieter moments with quick cuts to capture the feelings and events of her busy life without speeding up the footage. Throughout her videos, she takes time to talk to the camera, either getting vulnerable about her life or just explaining what she has been up to. Recently she discussed the pressures and joys of figuring out how to live life after college, acknowledging the stressors, but also celebrating the freedom. If you’re looking for a comfort college vlogger, Dobochobo is as good as it gets.


Ethan Hong

College freshman Ethan Hong (he/him) started creating videos in high school, and now uploads regularly. Even under the new pressures of his freshman year at Western Washington University, his videos are no less vibrant, and each upload is higher quality that the last.

Hong’s videos are nothing short of action-packed. Between the exercise montages backed by rap music and silly dances with his friends, his videos radiate energy and joy. Hong frequently features his friends in his vlogs, keeping them fresh and alive with their collective energy. 

Hong’s editing style also matches his energy; if he’s not doing something interesting, he moves on to another moment, giving the feeling of being swept away by action. The combined effect of his upbeat personality and snappy editing makes for an exciting watching experience.

Hong’s channel is still small at only 511 subscribers, but with the high quality of his vlogs, he’s sure to grow.


Tyler Ouchida

Tyler Ouchida (he/him) is a fourth-year nursing student at Seattle University. Ouchida’s vlogs have blossomed into a mixture of day-to-day college life and fun-filled events across the state — these include local raves, workout sessions with friends and concerts at the Gorge. Ouchida’s friends are an endearing presence in his vlogs, and their high-energy banter feels real and exciting.
Ouchida’s videos may interest prospective students in the medical field, allowing viewers to follow him throughout the day and giving an up-close look into nursing classes.
Beyond his classes, some of the most common themes in Ouchida’s videos are fitness and music. He frequently works out with his friends and keeps track of his lifting milestones. His workout sessions, which are backed by brisk music and lively jokes, are motivating and exhilarating.
Ouchida, like many college vloggers, is also a frequent traveler. His videos bring viewers along with him to New York City to see the New Years’ Eve Ball Drop, his day trips to Portland and his exploration of the beaches of Oahu.
Boasting nearly 200 subscribers, Ouchida’s channel is bursting with fun and lighthearted watches, and the short and fast-paced videos make it easy to binge.

Nancy He 

Nancy He (she/her), a sophomore at the University of Washington, has vlogged her life since her sophomore year of high school. Her videos, which have garnered an audience of over 3,000 subscribers, are cheerful and easily enjoyable. 

An integral part of her channel is her promotion of products, particularly of digital items such as headphones and tablets. These videos, which are some of her most popular, are great at describing each product and how they benefit her in her classwork.

He’s videos are realistic as she provides glimpses into her daily life by styling outfits, providing season summaries to her viewers and creating study vlogs. Her videos also have a charming feel to them due to her custom intros and artful shots. 

Part of the allure of her videos is her slower editing style, which contrasts some of the other college vloggers on this list. Rather than quickly jumping from scene to scene, she focuses on the leisurely moments to allow the viewer to follow along casually. 

With a focus on fashion, learning and down-to-earth life moments, He’s vlogs are a must-watch for anyone preparing for the independence of college living. The positive attitude in He’s videos is compelling, and viewers can easily find themselves smiling along with this feel-good channel.

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