Food on TikTok that made my mouth water


Hope Rasa

The “food side” of TikTok is full of mouthwatering recipes and cooking tips. Here are three of Nordic’s favorite recipes. Art by Hope Rasa.

Kellen Hoard, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The TikTok algorithm has a unique ability to take users into many corners of the internet, and one’s main feed—the For You Pagecan quickly become overwhelmed with everything from dancers to frogs to Harry Styles. Once stuck in a certain corner, or side, of TikTok, the algorithm can make it fairly difficult to escape.  Recently, I found myself entering and then becoming fully immersed in the “food side” of TikTok where I am endlessly bombarded with recipes, vegetable chopping advice, and scarily intense mothers packing four-course school lunches for their kids. But as these videos started appearing more and more, I realized that some of the food being prepared looked really good.  Below are three recipes I identified on TikTok that caught my eye and my stomach.


Spaghetti Aglio e Olio


According to TikTok, this dish is known as a midnight snack in Italy because it takes relatively little time and preparation.  Pasta is one of my many passions, and I admittedly watched this video three times.  As a night owl myself, this seems like a perfect snack.  For those who are looking for simplicity, I suggest they attempt this recipe.      

Find the TikTok here.

Find the written recipe here.


Edible Cookie Dough


Some of you may know about my sweet tooth from my Nordic News video series “The Kellen Show,” where I eat desserts with various guests.  This recipe made my sweet tooth tingle.  I happened to be eating cookies while I watched this, but that just made me want to make edible cookie dough even more.


I made this recipe.  The relatively few ingredients and short preparation time were ideal for my general lack of baking talent.  The actual dough itself was less sweet than I expected, but the milk powder he mentions actually did make a clear and positive taste difference in my mouth.  The consistency of the dough was fairly in line with most store-made cookie dough I have tried, though a bit softer.  The color of mine did not look exactly like his in the video, but the flavor seemed unaffected.  It is most certainly worth making, and I consumed all of it in about 12 hours.   

Find the TikTok/recipe here.


15 Minute Burgers


This requires relatively simple ingredients and preparation, but it looks absolutely delicious. He does briefly use a blow torch in the TikTok, but I am positive that is not required if you choose to make this meal.  I am looking forward to making this recipe soon; the sauce seems delightful.  For those looking to make a more filling meal without too much complication, this seems to be the ideal recipe.  .

Find the TikTok/recipe here.