Guide to going back to school: all you need to know and could ever wonder


Ishika Kaushik

Don’t forget to bring these essentials on the days you have hybrid learning. Art by Ishika Kaushik.

Ishika Kaushik, Business Manager

After a year of remote learning, the district has finally made plans for students to safely return back to school. For many, this is a much needed change of scenery and will give students a chance to interact with their peers. As hybrid learning is set to start on April 19, here are some tips to help you ease into the new routine and safely return back to campus. 

Ways to have fun while staying safe 

While all students will have to follow protocol to limit close contact, those who attend in person will have a chance to meet and talk to their friends and teachers in each of their classes even if it is from a distance. 


Flexible Time 

Take advantage of this new required time in your 6th period class to snack, talk with friends from a six feet distance, get ahead on homework, ask teachers for help similar to office hours, or Zoom into a club you are a member of.  



While you are home on this day, you can plan to virtually meet with friends on this day or spend your time attending Social and Racial Justice Seminars, and getting support from teachers and counselors on Zoom.


Morning Routine

Don’t forget these essential steps prior to arriving on campus. It might even be beneficial to have everything ready the night before you have to go in person.


  • Charge your laptop.
  • Ensure your phone is charged – you’ll need it to fill out the health check form preferably before you reach school!
  • Pack at least two masks and a baggie to put dirty masks in without contaminating other things
  • Wear warm clothes as the health check station is outside and classroom windows and doors will be open at all times.
  • Pack snacks.
  • Bring your laptop, charger and headphones if you have them.
  • Pack a water bottle (the fountains at school are closed).
  • Eat breakfast unless you are planning on getting it at school.


At school

Make sure you are following the designated paths throughout the school to limit contact with other students. Also, wear your mask at all times, avoid crowds and contact, and wash your hands and use sanitizer throughout the school day. 


  • Use QR codes to efficiently and safely complete the health check form.
  • Keep your stamp or identification of completion handy to access your classrooms.
  • You can pick up a free Grab ‘N Go lunch at the end of the school day to eat at home.


While a typical school day will look different than it ever has before, we hope this guide will help you feel prepared to safely go back to school and finally interact with your classmates and teachers after more than a year of remote learning.