Nordic’s spring break essentials


Gloria Shen

Three options for spring break: Lake Serene, the Seattle Aquarium, and a boat ride! Photo and art by Gloria Shen.

Gloria Shen, Feature Editor

After saving the world by staying home for a year, the warm weather and Phase 3 allow students to take advantage of all the unique attractions that Washington has to offer. Thankfully, there are many activities in and around Seattle available for students to enjoy over spring break! Whether you try one or all of Nordic’s spring break essentials, make sure to mask up and social distance while enjoying some much-needed rest and recuperation. 


  1. Plan a visit to the Seattle Aquarium, which is now open with a reservation-only ticketing system, timed entries, and a one-way path throughout the aquarium that ensures visitors get to spend as much time as possible with the animals and limits interactions with other guests. (If fish aren’t your thing, the Woodland Park Zoo and Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium are both open as well!)
  2. Explore the Pacific Northwest with gorgeous hikes. Remember to bring a buddy!: 
  • Cougar Mountain offers several trails for all levels of explorers; whether you’re looking for a stroll around the base of the mountain or a climb up to the very top, the protected trails are sure to offer sightings of rare flora and fauna. 
  • From some of Nordic’s staff’s personal experience, Lake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls are not treks for the faint of heart. While the strenuous 8.2-mile round trip may feel like much farther, the amazing views at the lake and the waterfalls are completely worth it. Bring a picnic and lots of water to take in everything this hike has to offer!
  • For a more relaxing trip, Gold Creek Pond is an easy hike with an amazing view. There are plenty of barbecue grills and picnic tables on-site, so this destination would be perfect for a day trip with family and friends. 
  1. If you’re itching to get out of the city, both MIT Professor Arnold Barnett and USC Professor Chris Hendel agree that driving is the safest form of transportation. Luckily, Camano, Bainbridge and the San Juan Islands are only a ferry ride away! Book a few nights on a farm stay and immerse yourself in all the farm-fresh goodness the islands have to offer, or simply go for a day and enjoy a great meal and a stroll along the beach. Driving to Portland, Oregon for the night is a safe option as well! Make sure to snag some Voodoo Doughnuts while you’re down there.
  2. For an indoor option, several museums in Seattle are now open with COVID-19 precautions and advanced ticket reservations. The Seattle Art Museum, Frye Art Museum, Museum of Pop Culture and the Burke Museum are just a few of the sites Seattle has to offer and many sites have special exhibits on display!
  3. Support racial justice movements by engaging with Asian and African-American culture and educating yourself on the issue and how to help. Visiting Chinatown, supporting locally-owned black businesses, or participating in protests are just a few ways that students can further these movements, while enjoying their spring break.


However you choose to spend your week off, make sure to be mindful of remaining COVID restrictions and relax safely! And remember, there are only ten more weeks of school left. You can do it!