Whimsical and lighthearted musical “The Boy Friend” takes the stage


Kensie Speed

Junior Anna Novack and sophomore Jack Engelbrekt break out in song and dance in the number they performed as a duo. The two acted as lovers in the show “The Boy Friend” and got married at the end of the production.

Valerie Cid, Centerspread and Review Editor

As the curtain swept open, the actors of “The Boy Friend” energetically sauntered onto the stage to deliver a cheeky performance full of singing and dancing.

“The Boy Friend” is set in France at an all-girls finishing school during the 1920s. The musical centers around the main character, Polly, who is trying to find a boyfriend while working with the obstacles that her father put in her way.

The musical has three additional subplots about a comical British couple visiting France; Polly’s four best friends who are trying to find sweethearts themselves and the finishing school’s headmaster who is attempting to rekindle an old flame.

It’s evident that the actors challenged themselves in order to produce a diverting performance. The singing was beautiful, the choreography was delightful and the attitude the actors displayed while playing their characters was so well executed that it transformed my experience from “It was good” to “I’m happy I went.”

The plot was not as engaging as I anticipated, and maybe that’s just because of the simplicity of the dialogue. I found myself bored at times of the production that went without singing or dancing. Sophomore Parker Albin and junior Sophia Konat showed off their choreographic talent in an entertaining tap dance number that made the crowd go wild.

Overall, the show was entertaining, much in due to the colorful outfits, my favorite of which were the swimsuits they wore at the beach. The focus was mainly on song and dance rather than acting, as a musical should be. Thank you to the drama department for yet another wonderful production.