Seahawks breakdown: What’s working and what needs to change?


Dave Adamson

The Seahawks have had an incredible season so far with quarterback Russell Wilson poised to be MVP. Photo courtesy of Dave Adamson.

Nathan Guest, Sports Editor

The Seahawks have had an incredible season throughout the last seven weeks of play, and quarterback Russell Wilson is on track to become MVP for the first time ever. This year, Wilson broke the record for the most touchdowns in the first three weeks of play with a total of 14. His connection with the second-year wide receiver DK Metcalf has been a major success this year — Metcalf is currently tied in first place for most touchdowns with star receivers Adam Thielen, Mike Evans, Davante Adams and Tyler Lockett. Fans around the world are amazed with Metcalf’s athletic prowess. At 229 lbs and 6’4” tall, Metcalf runs a 40-yard dash of 4.33 seconds, when the average time for a receiver is 4.48 seconds.

When the Seahawks played the Cardinals on Oct. 25, Russell Wilson threw an interception to safety Buddha Baker who took off to head for the end zone. Everyone thought it was going to be a pick-six, but DK wasn’t going down without a fight. Metcalf started his sprint roughly 10 yards behind Baker, and in order to catch the speedy safety, he needed to reach 22.64 miles per hour. The product of Metcalf’s hustle play resulted in the Seahawks stopping the Cardinals from scoring altogether. His success hasn’t been limited to this one game; this Ole Miss product has produced 680 yards and seven touchdowns in the first seven weeks, indicating the rise of a new star for the Seahawks.

In Metcalf’s post-game interviews, he said that he’s making the push for Wilson as MVP.

“Any fourth-quarter comeback, when he’s our quarterback, there’s not a doubt that we’re going to win,” Metcalf said. “I mean, just look at his track record. It’s going to speak for itself, so I’m putting out Wilson for MVP this year.”

While the Seahawks this year have a dynamic offense with players like Wilson, Metcalf and Lockett, the team has struggled on defense due to crucial injuries. At one point, the Seahawks pass defense was on pace to allow over 7,000 yards for the season, the worst ever in NFL history. However, the Seahawks defense showed improvement last week on Nov. 1 when they shut down the San Francisco 49ers offense.

The good news for the Seahawks defense is that key players such as Jamal Adams and Shaquille Griffin will most likely be active for week 8 after being injured for many weeks. When these assets hopefully return to the squad, the Seahawks are predicted to be a menace on both sides of the field.