Viking poets


Tam Tran, A&E Editor

Emily Gonzales 

In the dark 


in the dark alone 

nowhere to go 

thoughts running through my body

striking every inch of my nerves 

like lighting 

zap it goes 


in the dark alone 

nowhere to go 

tears running down my cheek 

drowning every part of me 

hitting all the curves like a tsunami 


in the dark alone 

nowhere to go 

checking the clock, time to time 

seeing when it’s right to close my eyes and sink 

sink to silence

(shhh be quiet) 


im in the dark alone.

nowhere to go but the place I call home 

but the place that is home is not near

so I stay in the unknown, 

nowhere…  in the dark alone

Quiet by sophomore Kayleigh Coll

If you are really quiet


Quieter than and owl in flight, 

Quieter than a baby’s dreams, 

Quieter than the moon going through its phases, 

Quieter than the old oak breathing, 


Then you might hear the sun rise. 


It starts off as a small humming,

A nearly silent symphony of songbirds opening 

their eyes,

A wondrous whisper of water drops laying down to 

rest on leaves, 

A gentle gasping escaped from river rocks,

And the flickering out of street lights. 


It gets louder, 

So now deer waking up can be heard. 

With cats stretching,

And bears yawning. 

With beds being unmade,

And tea bubbling on distant stoves. 


Suddenly, it seems the world is awake. 

Each sunflower has found the sun. 

Each breakfast has been cooked, 

Each child has been driven to school.

Each ant has gone to work

Each bird has begun to sing. 


The stars have gone to sleep.

Would you listen with me? 

Kylie Van Cleave

Something About The Way The World Has Come Together To Work Today

We swam uphill through waving grass blades that cut our skin into diverse factions of body mass

Eyelashes blink slow motion in wind rolling off our face, sends our hair tumbling around our shoulders

Is there a soundtrack for what we are at the moment? No?


Eyes trace horizon back and forth and once again. Arms raise till one-hundred-eighty degrees

Parallel to the ground were there a plane extending from the point contiguous to feet, touch dirt- soil

The grain of light beaded sand interwoven in hair- hair waves back at ocean waving at life-form staring

Blue like sea life- thalassophobia like sharks prick under skin- galeophobia doesn’t belong to these organs like the former

And yet, still; mesmerized by the presence of void similar in shape and fashion to the one of the world we set our lives

You’re still staring, dear, you want to see the bottom but the floor of the ocean is a factor you don’t trifle with, no

You don’t look for reasons to be something other than the fruit tree you grow to become

Staring at the ocean still trying to evoke emotion from your memories like glass before they slide away past blade grass

Do you understand the consequences of the moment you paused and chose to fall in love with the world?

Does it take you back again, frail shell of problem child? No-


Does it cause tension in your rhomboid minor? Feel like geometrical rhythms pulsing and pushing outwards?

We fall asleep like children lost in the verticals of us, sleeping over the monsters looming above us

Still waiting for something to come up, we stretch, unsure of what we are preparing to grasp at

Does this chill your bones again? No?


Fool by Sam Perez Loreto 

I was foolish

To think that my hands could create life

As I listened to the heartbeat of a child

In the womb.



To think that my five year old hands

Could reach for the pure heavens and

Belong in a place for me.


I was foolish 

To imagine that my hidden wings

Could be accepted into this




As my future was already decided

By someone’s lips forming a single word.



I was foolish 

To trust something so innocent

And pure 

Knowing it would get slaughtered 

The second it tried to breath.


I drown in an ocean of 

Silence as my body becomes

A memory 

And my heartbeat will be the last sound 

I ever hear because I believed I could

Be different and be accepted. 


My five year old hands will

Fall into the waves and crashes

Of dreams

Because of what your mouth decided to say.