Gov. Inslee signs bill to ban non-electric vehicles by 2030


Weiju Wang, Reporter

On March 25, Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill stipulating that, beginning in 2030, all vehicles newly sold, purchased or registered in the state must be electric. The bill is part of a $16.9 billion transportation package called Move Ahead Washington, which is intended to create a variety of more efficient transportation options in the state. These include new hybrid-electric ferries, electric vehicle charging stations, free public transportation for riders under 18 and various other electrification projects. Inslee said in a statement that transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the state and that “there is no way to talk about climate change without talking about transportation.”

Inslee vetoed last year’s attempt to pass this bill in the state. However, this did not occur because he was not in favor of the bill; rather, he said he was concerned about an attached amendment that stated the bill would not apply until a planned road usage fee went into effect for 75% of all vehicles, intended to replace the gasoline tax currently funding road maintenance.

Compared to similar policies passed in California and Massachusetts, this ban is not only more radical in its stipulations but is also planned to take effect 5 years earlier than the 2035 goal set by other states.