Lillian Han and Noah Laird: Early Commits


Siqi Li

Seniors Lillian Han and Noah Laird share their excitement about committing to their future colleges.

Siqi Li, Reporter

Lillian Han – Archery

Senior Lillian Han has committed via Early Decision to Columbia University for their archery program. Han said that she started participating in archery because she thinks it is an entertaining and enjoyable way to exercise.

“I lived in Shenzhen, China, for  six years. When I was in fifth grade, I went to soccer practice, and I saw some people practicing archery, and I really wanted to try it out,” Han said.

Han said she thinks the biggest challenge in archery is how repetitive it can become.

“Being patient with the fact that archery is really repetitive really challenges your patience and your determination for the sport.” 

Han said that Columbia University has been her dream college since her freshman year of high school because it is the only school that has the archery program she wants to join.

“Columbia is obviously a really good school. It’s one of the only universities that has Division One archery,” said Han.

Han said she has learned a lot from archery, but she probably won’t pursue archery as a career choice.

“You don’t get paid. I think there is only one archer in the US who makes a living off of just archery. You don’t really make money being an archer,” said Han. But she does not plan to give it up entirely. “I think I will definity have archery there as a hobby when I grow older.” 


Noah Laird- Swim

Senior Noah Laird has committed to the University of Denver for their swimming program, while he double majors in finance and international business. Laird said swimming is the culture he grew up in. He currently swims for Seattle Metropolitan Aquatic Club but is excited about moving to Denver.

“It’s been a goal of mine since I was 13 or 14 that I wanted to swim in college. I’ve been swimming competitively for a long time, so I think I kind of knew the culture that I grew up with,” Laird said. “I continued to improve, and I realized that it was feasible to be able to swim in college, and I knew I wanted to do it if I could.”

Laird is originally from Denver, Colorado, and that the move back to a place will not be very difficult since he’s lived in the area before. He also misses the environment there.

“I think it’s just beautiful, and I’m excited about the people because everyone I’ve ever met there has been so kind. It’s a fun environment,” said Laird.

He is very excited about the University of Denver, and he hopes to bring his swimming skills to a higher level while enrolled there.

“I went on a visit with the team in early September and kind of fell in love with the whole school. I just thought: academically and to continue swimming at a high level, it would just be the perfect fit for me,” Laird said. “I think my main goal swimming-wise is to swim at the NCAA championship and place in the top eight for some of my best events.”