A spotlight on the guitar club


Claire Meng

Guitar club members in room 703 during their meeting every Tuesday.

Claire Meng, Reporter

The guitar club is a casual space to share original songs, chord progressions, or anything guitar related.  

Before this year, the guitar club was under the leadership of Johnathan Tom, a friend of this year’s president, senior Eric Olson. The leadership was passed down over quarantine.

“When the pandemic happened, I was close with the French teacher, [Mr. Degorgue]. So we talked a lot about [guitar club], and he kind of pushed me [by saying] ‘oh you should keep this going, it’s a great thing to do,’” said Olson.

Olson said he has been playing guitar for about five years, and is self taught.

“I don’t take it super seriously,” he said. “I also play the cello. Once you start with one instrument, it’s easier to pick up other ones. It’s pretty easy. It’s pretty fun.” 

During remote learning, Olson said the club had about four to six regular members. Now, there are about five to seven. 

“More people will be great. But it is nice sometimes having a smaller group, because then everybody can take turns playing,” said senior Matthew Ellis, who has been in the club for two years. “We would like more people to join,” he said. “The more people the more interesting it gets.”

Ellis was introduced to the guitar club by Olson. He said he likes to go to share ideas and play with other people.

“It is pretty good experience playing with other people,” said Ellis. “Having a set time where you know that you’ll be able to go out and play with people can be kind of helpful, especially if you have an idea that you want to share.”

Senior Archer Garey, who’s been in the club since his sophomore year, said his favorite part is just playing music. 

“[Guitar club is] just a way to kick back and relax after school. There’s nothing intense… it’s just chilling and playing,” said Garey.

Guitar club is open to anyone who is interested—no prior experience is required. The meetings are also non-binding, meaning students can come and go as they wish.

“It helps to have an instrument beforehand, but we’ll always happily bring in extras,” said Garey. 

“[You] can be a complete beginner; we’ve had people come in and just try it out. We show them a couple of chords, just things to get them comfortable,” Olson said. “And everyone in the club is pretty friendly and personable.”