Senior memories


Mia Tavares and Minita Layal

After a crazy couple of years, seniors share their favorite memories from high school.

With their time at Inglemoor coming to a close, seniors share their memories from high school and the experiences they will take with them as their Viking ships set sail for the next part of their lives.

  • My favorite memory from girls basketball was our last game, there was like 10 seconds left and we were down by one and Abby Haller scored the game winning shot and we all ran into the court and started cheering!” – Khushveen Kaur
  • “Every morning and lunch me and my friends would hang out in front of the library just chatting and napping together and that was always super fun!” – Olivia Bustillos
  • “Me and my friend went to visit our third friend at his new job so we did the reasonable thing, being of course to stare at him the entire time we were eating our food. His boss asked him if we were stalking him.” -Francis Duchastel de Montrouge
  • “A favorite memory is when my friends and I were all Link leaders in junior year so we had a sleepover the night before Link day and then drove together.” – Olivia Metz
  • “Playing basketball with Bella and Khush and going to Red Robin after games.” – Abby Haller
  • “Playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments in the lunchroom with friends.” – Adan Rodriguez
  • “Being at both the Senior Sunrise and the Senior Picnic. I was so happy, just because I got to see my friends again after so many months apart because of COVID-19.” – Miles Gelatt
  • “Halloween. My friends and I all dressed up as Sans, a video game character.”- Luke Mason
  • “Cheering on the sidelines at Friday Night Lights and being apart of GMI & ASB!!!” – Audrey Yang
  • “Playing Catan and doing simulations in econ with Mr. Raines” -Jianna Williams