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Album review: alt-J’s “RELAXER”

Album review: alt-J’s “RELAXER”

Alex Haworth, Reporter

June 28, 2017

Alt-J’s new album certainly lives up to its name. The third album from the English indie rock band, “RELAXER” delivers a distinct new feel compared to the band’s previous albums. “An Awesome Wave,” released in 2012 and “This is All Yours” from 2014 are pretty consistent in terms o...

Editorial: Taking a gap year

Editorial: Taking a gap year

June 12, 2017

After nearly two decades of school, it can become difficult to remember that life exists beyond the classroom. Taking on a four-or-more year degree after years of study is daunting. In order to have real-world experiences, it's important to step outside of the classroom, and taking a gap year in bet...

Senior enters music industry

Senior enters music industry

Maya Holt, Reporter

June 6, 2017

Michael Jackson. Lil Yachty. Migos. For more than five decades, Motown Records has been representing some of the biggest names in music. Their newest team member? Senior Sean Witmer, who was recently accepted as an intern. Despite having submitted his application somewhat by chance, Witmer managed to beat out...

Barbara Hillman bids Vikings farewell

Surrounded by years’ worth of memorabilia, thank you letters and cards from previous students, Hillman recalls the many memories she has shared with the Viking community.

Surya Hendry and Megan Munson

January 24, 2017

For nearly 28 years, Office Manager Barbara Hillman was at the center of the logistics that our school relies upon. Following the announcement of her retirement at the end of the semester, Hillman looked back on the community of students and staff that she has impacted. “[Faculty] tend to come to Ingl...

Senior statistics steer with driving trend

Senior statistics steer with driving trend

Surya Hendry and James Peng

November 7, 2016

Every weekday afternoon, the final bell releases several hundred students. Most of the upperclassmen head straight to their cars, rev up their engines and carefully navigate their way out the parking lot. Then there’s Hae Choe, a senior who waits everyday for her mom to pick her up. Choe is one o...

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