Inglemoor student athletes take their game to a division 1 level

Selin Asan and Jackie Su

As they start a new chapter in their athletic career, Inglemoor athletes explain how high school has prepared them for college.

Since their childhood, committing to a Division 1 school has been the goal of these student athletes. Senior Ashly Berge is committed to Boise State University as of next fall 2021 to play NCAA Division 1 women’s soccer. After visiting the campus, Berge said she knew it was the right thing to do because of how great the atmosphere and team are.

“I feel like I have learned from Inglemoor and IHS soccer how to always work hard and push forward. Becoming a leader and being part of the team, not only in sports, but in school and everyday life.”

— Ashly Berge

“They are running a winning program and are really great soccer coaches who really care about their players,” Berge said.

Berge grew up playing soccer, and fell in love with the sport and the rush of it.  

“I really loved the way soccer made me feel and how much fun it was playing it,” Berge said. “It has been my sport as I’ve gotten older and continued to play for Inglemoor. “ 

In her high school career, Berge played as a forward for the girls soccer team, who took 4th place in state last year in the 4A KingCo conference. The team ended their season breaking district records with 8 wins, 0 losses, and 1 tie in league games. 

“I feel like I have learned from Inglemoor and IHS soccer how to always work hard and push forward. Becoming a leader and being part of the team, not only in sports, but in school and everyday life,” Berge said.

Berge is one of two student athletes who have flourished under Inglemoor’s girl’s soccer program and secured a Division 1 offer. Senior Juliana Barker is looking forward to the next four years of her life at Oregon State University, where she has also committed to play NCAA Division 1 soccer. 

“This is something that I’ve dreamed of since I was a little kid,” she said. “I always knew I wanted to play college soccer.” 

Collegiate athletes must take many things into consideration to assure that they will be satisfied for the next four years of their life. Barker said that for her, it was important to consider the athletic environment at Oregon State. She said that she had to make sure that her school had all the components that she was looking for to further her athletic career. 

“I looked at what division they were in, PAC-12, and talked to the coaches and visited the school,” she said. 

Barker said that she grew up in a household full of athletes, which inspired her to keep pursuing soccer. She said that her entire family has played soccer, making it a part of her life from as far back as she could remember. 

“My sister played college soccer, so I got to see her experience, and that really motivated me to want to do it too,” she said. 

Barker says she is really looking forward to attending college out of state. For her, committing was a good way to get into college and continue to do what she loves. 

“Personally, I think I’m a very competitive person,” Barker said. “Competing as well as the team aspect- it’s all just so fun to me.”  

Barker said her commitment was also academically driven, and she made sure her school offered her major as well. From her time at Inglemoor, Barker said one significant lesson she learned was the importance of balancing both academics and sports.

“I think that because of Inglemoor’s IB program, I’ve learned a lot. I played sports all through high school and I really learned how to manage my time while still having hard classes,” she said. “I’ve learned to push myself to excel at both.” 

All of these athletes can agree on the importance of balancing their athletics with schoolwork. During Senior Kolby Solomon’s four years at Inglemoor, he said one major takeaway was the importance of maintaining a strong work ethic. He said Inglemoor’s rigorous IB program has helped him prepare for college expectations. 

“Get your stuff turned in on time, or else you won’t be able to turn it in again,” he said. 

His talent for baseball runs in his family, and he said this is largely what inspired him to continue on the tradition and pursue college baseball as well. Solomon said his dad was an impactful figure in his baseball career who always pushed and supported his Division 1 dream.

 “My dad played at Washington State University, and my grandpa played at the University of Washington,” Solomon said. 

Solomon said he is ready to work hard and continue to play the sport he loves at a higher level. For him, the best part of his sport is just having fun while playing the game that he loves with his friends.

“I’m looking forward to playing with my buddies who are going to the same university as me and just competing,” he said. 

Solomon has committed to play Division 1 baseball at Gonzaga University this fall. He said that this decision wasn’t difficult for him to make, as Spokane has always felt like a second home to him. He is familiar with the atmosphere at Gonzaga and knows what to expect. 

“My dad’s best friend from high school went there and said that he loved it,” he said. “I have a lot of family that live down in Spokane, and the coaching staff makes it feel like it’s home.”

*Congratulations to all Inglemoor Vikings who have committed to schools:

Kolby Solomon – Gonzaga University, Baseball

Brooke Demerath – Utah State University, Tennis

Julianna Barker – Oregon State University, Soccer

Ashly Berge – Boise State University, Soccer

Lucas Hakamada – Western Washington University, Soccer

Logan Russel – Pacific University, Basketball

Eden Iyall – California State University Stanislaus, Soccer

*This list will be periodically updated to include all students who have committed to a school.