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Complications of cosmetic consumerism

“Will Write Songs 4 Money” – Left at London’s new EP

Courtesy of N. Puff
Puff’s handmade album cover for Left At London’s newest album “Will Write Songs For Money.” Puff uses singular they/them pronouns.

Left At London’s album “Will Write Songs 4 Money,” released on April 1 by senior N. Puff,  is certainly something extraordinary. With the majority of the tracks on the album created as commissions for other students, each song holds an amount of uniqueness as well as an appealing sound.

The entire album, with the exception of track two, was recorded in the back of Puff’s car using only an acoustic guitar and a cellphone. Regardless of the means Puff uses to record their album, the natural technical ability the artist retains is very evident in their work. Puff describes the genre of “Will Write Songs 4 Money,” as something close to ‘acoustic emo folk’. Previous works by “Left At London” are equally engaging as the artist’s new album but after the release artist’s new album it is clear that progression has been made in their work.

Puff draws a lot of their inspiration from artists such as “Death Grips” and “Andrew Jackson Jihad.” More specifically, from the bands’ abilities to not need to rely on composition and instead their ability to rely on cryptic elements in their lyrics.

“None of my songs are inherently positive. I see art and music as a way of coping with real life through the music I make” Puff said.

This becomes clear by listening to Left At London’s work and their almost poetic lyrics.

“Left At London’s” album “Will Write Songs 4 Money” is a pleasant surprise and challenges what might be expected from a high school musician. The artist’s use of vocals and guitar are composed in a very compelling manner. The combination of Puff’s already mature and controlled voice with their almost familiar but not predictable chord use makes for a signature, new sound.

“Will Write Songs 4 Money” is definitely something worth listening to. If you’re looking for a copy just hunt Puff down on campus. Each disk is $2 (or more depending on donation) and is also available for purchase on Amazon.

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“Will Write Songs 4 Money” – Left at London’s new EP