Cheeky: Among Us

When playing Among Us, whether you’re getting kicked from games as soon as they start, being cautious as a Crewmate, or having a twisted fun time as an Imposter, there are a couple specific types of players that seem to pop up every so often. Cheeky has made these players into comic form!

Disclaimer: This article is purely satire. Cheeky is not responsible for changing the article if you feel a play style is more sus than another

The One Who Stands In Cafeteria

This player just likes to sit down, open up the game, find a room, then walk away from their computer or phone. Everyone else will be away doing their tasks, while this person just sits in Cafeteria with a piercing gaze. But so long as they don’t move, you know they’re not the Imposter.


Sus Level: ★★★☆☆



The Innocent Imposter

This player does know how to play the game but probably not very well. When it comes time for an Emergency Meeting, while they haven’t turned any Crewmates into a cartoon ham, they are technically guilty no matter how many times they may try to deny it. Not even the best lawyers in the world could save this player.

Sus Level: ★★★★☆




The One Who Just Wants To Make Friends

This player likes to follow people around in hopes of being buddies. In all honesty, this can be a valid strategy by using the buddy system so the player won’t be game-ended by the Imposter so easily. But it is risky, as they could be leading an innocent Crewmate to their demise if they are the Imposter, or leading themself to their own demise if it’s the reverse.

Among Us teaches you not to trust anybody anyways.

Sus Level: ★★★★★



The Honest Blue Collar Worker

This player thrives when they are a Crewmate. They’re the ones to get their tasks done before everyone else. They are dead set on completing their task – if anybody or anything gets in the way of them doing their tasks, they’re not going to take it well even when they are dead!

They get very annoyed when they are stopped mid-task, especially when starting the reactor (playing Simon Says).

Sus Level: ★☆☆☆☆



The One Who Doesn’t Know How To Play

This player most likely heard about Among Us from some social media post and thought it sounded fun to play, yet they don’t know what to do. They will wander cluelessly, find the Emergency Meeting button, and give something major away. If someone is super focused on winning and happens to get this player as their Imposter partner, they might as well leave the game right then.

Sus Level: ★★★☆☆



The One Who Thinks It’s “Bring Your Kid To Work” Day

This player, while they might not have gotten the memo, is just a wholesome parent who brought their kid to experience a fun day on the job. Although maybe they could’ve dropped the kid off at a daycare, who knows.

This parent should be aware though, nobody knows when someone may sneak up behind to do to them what that mugger did to Batman’s parents.

Sus Level: ☆☆☆☆☆



The Vent Snake

When this player gets Imposter, they love to travel through vents, with the locations and destinations memorized. They do wish the kill cooldown could recharge even in the vents to make it easier to continue on their merry way to ruin the day of these astronaut bean-people.

Sus Level: ★★★★★




The One Who Is Always First To Die

This player can never truly experience the game as their body is always one of the first ones to be discovered amongst the Crew. They are so close to giving up on the game but that slight chance they make it to Round 2 is the biggest motivator to them.

Should we tell them not to waste their time?

Sus Level: ☆☆☆☆☆