NSD provides resources to support students and families


Cathy Zhao

Northshore School District has partnered with many community organizations to provide resources for students and families. Art by Cathy Zhao.

Cathy Zhao, Photo Editor

In partnership with local community organizations and state initiatives, Northshore School District is providing many helpful resources to support students and parents. In order to demonstrate how valuable these resources are to the community, the district hopes families will take advantage of these underutilized resources — which are made possible by taxpayers — so that they can continue to benefit the community. From providing basic utilities to extra enrichment for families, these programs hold value for every Inglemoor student.

  • Request a Device or Internet Access
  • If students are in need of a computer, internet access, or need to replace a district device that they are currently using, they can fill out this form to request the resource they need.
  • Free Internet Access through Ziply or Comcast/Xfinity
  • This opportunity provides families with promotional codes to sign up with participating internet service providers for free internet access. Through this program, families eligible for free or reduced-price meals can receive a hotspot to access the internet.
  • Home Learning
  • The district has compiled resources grouped into the following categories: early childhood, grades K-2, grades 3-5, grades 6-8, grades 9-12, special education, English learners, learning assistance program, highly capable, social-emotional, project-focused learning and parent and guardian. These may be helpful to support students’ education or for further enrichment. Examples of resources include frameworks from the NSD Art Docent Program, NSD Math Parent Guides for various grade levels and interactive science simulations.
  • Meals
  • This federally-funded program offers free meals for all children ages 18 and younger. Students do not have to be enrolled in the Northshore School District or eligible for free or reduced meals to qualify for meals. Families can choose from a daily meal pack or a weekly meal pack; both have vegetarian options. Meals must be ordered in advance, and there are multiple pickup locations. The menu changes from day to day, but meals always contain milk and a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Childcare
  • In partnership with the Northshore YMCA and Champions, Y LEAP Academy is a full-day program that offers full-day/full week childcare. The service is available from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Students remain in stable groups, so registration is required and part-time childcare is not available. Price ranges from $205-325 per week, with discounts available for district employees, multiple children, etc. Given concerns for students’ safety, more information about YMCA and Champion’s safety practices can be found here: YMCA’s safety practices, Y LEAP Academy FAQ, Champions’ safety practices, Champions’ FAQ.
  • Virtual Calming Room
  • This virtual calming room offers tools to help students and families manage their emotions and feelings. There are a variety of virtual “rooms”, such as Mindfulness, Movement, Puzzles and Games, Sound and Music, and Visual Relaxation. Each one has different exercises designed to help you achieve the designated goal. For example, the Movement room has yoga, stretching, guided strengthening exercises and circuit exercises. These resources may be helpful for students looking to manage their stress.
  • Books
  • Through this program, students can request new books to be delivered directly to their home for them to read for free. For digital books, students can log in to the Northshore Digital Library with the student’s district ID number and password. Another option for accessing digital reading is through KCLS with the username being “417” + the student’s district ID number and password being the last four digits of the district ID number.
  • Online Enrichment Opportunities
  • The district has contracted with 6crickets to maintain a database of classes that students can take for additional enrichment. Examples of subjects include Spanish, coding, math, baking and 3D printing. Class sessions generally cost upwards of $100, but some classes have need-based scholarships families can apply for.
  • Additional Assistance
  • In order to support families, the district has collected a list of resources in areas such as housing, workforce education, urgent care visits, health care, dental care, assistance for immigrants, disaster distress, utilities, mental illness, homelessness, clothing and more. These programs are not endorsed by or initiated by the district.