Nordic editors say their final goodbyes


Joanna Little

Sonya Sheptunov, Rahima Baluch and Aditi Jain say their final goodbyes as Nordic News editors for the 2019-2020 school year. Photo by Joanna Little

Sonya Sheptunov

Over the course of my life, I discovered that I had lost my voice. Previously, I found it more appealing to stay quiet, to let others talk over me. I soon found myself feeling powerless; feeling alone. At the guidance of two very different people in my life I was pushed to join this institution, because Nordic News is more than a club. It is a shelter, a community you don’t know you need until you’re knee deep in it.

Nordic News made me realize and appreciate the power and beauty of storytelling in its purest form. Voices have such an incredible ability to shape people’s minds, both like and unlike one another— and to bring them together. While Nordic Staff comes and goes, the vibrant community of student voices, personalities, legacies (and fair share of chaos) lives on forever. 

For me, the greatest gift of all was to be able to see young minds and writers improve so fast; to grow from burgeoning, young pencil-pushers to passionate student journalists who love their work. I am empowered by the resilience shown by Aditi Jain, the incredible strength shown by Rahima Baluch and the understated steadfastness shown by Mrs. Little over the course of this year. I am proud to stand by their side as women and leaders who fostered a community of learning and growth. Although I am sad to leave it, I have no doubt that this environment, this community will continue to flourish under the guidance of Margaret He, Minita Layal and Rory Knettles in Volume 50. 

I became a leader within Nordic News because I learned to believe in the power of one’s voice. This power is extended to everyone at the start of their lives but can be easily taken away; and worse yet, it can be snuffed out by lack of believing in yourself. So to my dear readers, writers and untamed, wild minds alike— as long as you have the strength to pick up a pen and start writing, you will find your way.

Long live the Nord!


Rahima Baluch 

Nordic has remained an integral part of the Inglemoor community over the years, bringing students, staff and parents a blend of news and entertainment. Though the year has brought on many unexpected turns, I am proud to say Nordic has continued to do just that, with help from it’s talented writers, artists and photographers. 

Everytime I entered the Nordic room this year (before school so abruptly ended), I was overwhelmed by a sense of community, creativity and chaos. It has been amazing to work with and learn from the incredible journalists on staff this year—I will miss all of you with my entire heart. I know for a fact that next year will be challenging… but I also know that this group’s perseverance and motivation and optimism will enable them to overcome every challenge and make Nordic better than it ever has been. 

I am thankful for the opportunities and challenges being part of the newspaper has presented me with. I have gained an immense amount of knowledge and experience that I believe are priceless—and I’m thankful to have gotten to work with Sonya and Aditi and Mrs. Little as they are some of the most supportive and compassionate people I have ever known. 

As the year comes to a close and we reflect on the challenges we’ve overcome and achievements we’ve made in terms of both our paper and our website, I could not be more proud of us as a staff. With Rory, Margaret and Minita in charge, I know the paper is in good hands and I’m excited for all that they will do for Nordic, our school and our community. May Volume 50 be the best one yet!

Long live the Nord! 


Aditi Jain

Joining Nordic for me was an accident; I needed a seventh period and being on the newspaper staff was good enough — although now I realize it was one of the best parts of my high school experience. I stayed for the engaged community and the alacrity to learn.

In interviewing students and staff for articles or talking with my fellow writers and designers on late nights, I learned how much I didn’t know about people, their experiences and their perspectives. For me, Nordic has given me the platform to explore the world of journalism, while teaching me the importance of work ethic, leadership and friendship. 

I am so incredibly grateful for all of the amazing opportunities, challenges, sense of belonging, life-long friendships, exhaustingly entertaining memories and validation that Nordic has provided me with. I am going to miss Nordic so much. Throughout the year, I felt constantly inspired by the group’s willingness to grow and be resilient; in fact, I know that despite all this is happening and will continue to happen, they will continue to report from their hearts on issues that our community needs to hear about. Working with Rahima and Sonya to run this newspaper has been such an honor; they are some of my closest friends and I couldn’t imagine Nordic without them. I would also like to thank our advisor and our friend, Ms. Little, who is the most supportive and loving person I have ever met. 

My love for Nordic increases by the day, which is why I am comforted that Rory, Minita and Margaret are the editors; I have no doubt that they will help Nordic continue to thrive as the staff do. Long live the nord!