Braden Towle swings into the golf season

The golf team continues to battle through every match of 2019, losing in many close games.


Selin Asan

From left to right: Kyle Shea, Auggie Engwall and Braden Towle pose for a photo on the golf course. Photo by Selin Asan

Nathan Guest, Sports Editor

The golf team continues to battle through every match of 2019, losing in many close games. However, Junior Braden Towle scored with one of the lowest scores on some of the toughest courses. Towle said his relaxed and easy-going play style always leads to success and strong numbers. 

“Braden has done a good amount of messing around, but he still gets the job done,” junior Kyle Shea said.

Although he does not see himself with a future in golf, he performed with the lowest score of 78 on an 18-hole course on the team.

Towle said he shares the most similarities with professional golf player Freddy Couples. 

“I’m like Freddy because of his nice, smooth swing. I strive to be like him. He’s my role model,” Towle said.

Junior Auggie Engwall had similar things to say about Towle’s skillset. 

“His swing is super smooth and does a good job of projecting the ball,” Engwall said.

Towle said he found a passion for the sport, picking it up quickly in freshman year. He said he learned everything he knew from his grandpa and father.

“My consistency is why I’m a good golfer. I’m always able to be consistent with my swings and shots,” Towle said. 

He has advice for less-experienced players,

“Just learn from someone you know. It’ll push you, and make golf less boring. All you need to do is just be chill on the course, play relaxed,” Towle said. In a close battle against Juanita, Towle’s ability to perform under pressure came in handy, causing the team to pull out a win.

Playing the course with Taylor-Made clubs, Towle said he performs best on the green.

“Putting is definitely my best attribute; it’s where I do best,” Towle said.

Although Towle’s strongest asset is control, he said his favorite club is the hybrid, known for hitting a farther distances.

“There’s nothing that beats the feeling of cracking a clean shot,” Towle said.

In the midst of a tough season for boys golf, Towle’s enthusiastic outlook on golf spurs the team to keep fighting. 

“I’m just trying to stay positive and give everyone encouragement, while making sure to have fun with it,” Towle said.

Engwall said Towle’s supportive role on the team had an effect on his own level of play on the course.

“He sets a good example of how golf should be played and how to be successful,” Engwall said.

His leadership was needed this season and impacted many players.

“He has a positive attitude towards underclassmen to help them do their best,” Shea said.

The boys golf team may end the season with a tough record, but it doesn’t stop Towle from performing at his best and having a good time.