Roar of the Crowd

In the midst of the playoffs, it’s important to come support our talented athletes


Kirsten Vesely

Students parade on the main staircase during the Seahawks assembly on Jan. 30. The entire event demonstrated the spirit of Inglemoor, as enthusiastic fans dressed up in full blue and green attire and brought flags, hats and jerseys to show their support. It shows the power of a strong fan-base, a power that will hopefully carry over to the upcoming playoffs in which all five sports could send athletes to state.

Aaron Huang, Sports Editor

Cheers echo through the stands. The people in the crowd are up on their feet. With a wave of students behind them, athletes are reenergized and compete even harder.

This is what a fan-base can do for a team. It can set the tone and influence the outcome of a game. Even though they are on the sidelines, fans have the ability to make a difference as they urge their team on to victory.

“They really inspire us to play a lot better, especially at rivalry games,” senior William Luckett said. “At the same time, they get into the heads of opponents and fluster them a bit.”

However, at times the student section can be lacking. Some of the less featured sports, such as golf and swimming, rarely have students attend their games.

“It’s difficult to get people to come to some games, because they’re too long,” junior Tara Mihailovic said. “But, if you invite friends, then they’ll invite their friends, and soon we have a great student section.”

This year, ASB has implemented “Spirit Spotlights” to try to get students to provide support for all sports. But, although games are advertised, game attendance can be spotty.

Sometimes, people are discouraged, because they don’t know the sport very well and think they will be bored. But, once there, it’s easy to get immersed in the action.

“Even at Seahawks games, there are fans who are there just for the social aspect of the game,” athletic director Lance Gatter said, “but the presence of fans can provide a morale boost for the team.”

With playoffs scheduled in the upcoming weeks, come out and show your support. You don’t have to attend all the games, or be the loudest fan. All the players and coaches who have worked tirelessly all season long ask is for you to come out to their postseason events and cheer them on.