Gymnastics starts brand new season under new coach


Sophomore Isabelle Knopf poses while practicing the finishing move of a floor routine. The girls are beginning a new era under coach Campbell and have their first home meet on Dec. 11. Courtesy of Willy Paine

Hailey Robinson, Online Editor

For the gymnastics team the start of a season means calloused palms and hard falls. This year it also means adjusting to a new coach.

“We thought it would be hard to deal with a new coach, but she’s done a good job of reorganizing our workouts so we take them seriously,” senior co-captain Alisa Kean said. “We have a new workout, we warm up differently, everything’s done differently, but it’s really helping us improve our skills. We’re adapting to the changes.”

Luckily, adapting is something these gymnasts are used to. Their new coach, Moselle Campbell, is focusing on teaching them new skills, emphasizing learning new routines, and ensuring that every one of the gymnasts will succeed at their varying skill levels. A new floor routine takes hours to choreograph and hours more to learn.

“Gymnastics is physically demanding, but it also requires a lot of mental strength. You have to be willing to try new, scary and sometimes dangerous things,” senior co-captain Amanda Peay said.

Although the necessary physical abilities and mindset might be daunting, this doesn’t deter them. The danger just makes the sport more fun.

This thrill is what the girls look forward to in the upcoming season.

As they begin the season, the gymnastics team have high hopes, but for them it isn’t only just about the competition.

“Our goal as a team is just to have fun,” junior Sabrina Berkman said.

After last year’s season was derailed partially due to multiple injuries, the girls seek to further develop their skills as this season progresses.

“I want all of our girls to be able to compete on events at least one time,” Kean said. “Hopefully everyone improves throughout the season and gains new skills.”