Trust easily:

While having pacts and alliances can be helpful, trusting too easily can lead even the most      skilled assassins to their doom. Be particular and don’t be fooled by false promises and ulterior motives.

Leave your home:

Remember, you have a target on your back. Each trip to the outside world is a risk that may cost you the game. Besides the safe zones, (school, school-related events, work, religious places, and running cars) each step beyond your home increases your likelihood of becoming the next kill.

Sit in your car:

When you’re being pursued at every hour of the day, relaxing in your car may not be the   brightest idea. Wait until you’re clearly inside a designated safe zone to lower your guard.    Assassins will do whatever it takes to get a kill and if that means camping outside of your house for hours, running on only adrenaline and the sheer hope that you’ll show up, so be it.

Expose info:

If it can track you, turn it off. Everything from Life 360 to Snapchat Maps can and will be  used to hunt you, and not just by your assassin. Be mindful of who you share your whereabouts with; friends, siblings and even parents could potentially expose you.