Be patient:

Haste makes waste. Don’t sacrifice your safety for what seems like a quick kill.

“I didn’t really rush anything that I didn’t have to. There were actually a couple of weeks where I just didn’t get a kill. I just went on the hit list, accepted that and then just figured it out from there,” said Almond.

Park in the garage:

Many victims were eliminated when they sat defenseless parked in their driveway, assuming they were safe. The easiest way to avoid getting ambushed on your own turf is to simply park in your garage. You never know who’s lurking in the bushes.

Debrief your parents:

Keep the fam updated. If they spot a suspicious teenager lurking in the driveway, ensure there’s a procedure in place for them to shoo the potential threat away. Siblings can also be a valuable tool in helping successfully evade and trick your assassin.

Make alliances:

Allies can be an indispensable tool to earn at least a fraction of the reward, and the size of that fraction depends on how many you choose to extend your trust to. After Almond enlisted the help of Sanchez-Cabrera and Nichols, who’s own target was Almond, he had free rein to go on a killing spree on the final day, with no worries of being hunted himself. “Know who you can trust and then try and win with them,” said Almond.