Nords show off the latte art on their matcha and café latte from Social Grounds Coffee Co. in Bothell on Nov. 7.
Nords show off the latte art on their matcha and café latte from Social Grounds Coffee Co. in Bothell on Nov. 7.
Mia Duffy (she/her)

Warming up for the winter: King County’s cozy café scene

As the area’s population grows, hip coffee shops are sure to follow. Two of our Nordic News reporters visited three recently established and trendy cafés on a wonderfully rainy day to check out the coffee scene and have a cozy cup of Joe.

The first café we visited was Social Grounds in Bothell. The space was on the smaller side, but it wasn’t crowded. The atmosphere as a whole was very cozy, with fairy lights and plants adorning the shop. There were a lot of food options, from salads to pastries, along with reasonably priced drinks. 

We ordered a matcha latte and a café latte, which were garnished with some classic foam art. The lattes were both delightful and complemented the rainy day coffee shop experience. Both drinks were on the affordable side, with the café latte being $3.80 and the matcha latte being $4.30. 

Social Grounds offers a mix of deals not only on holidays but also on certain days of the week. For example, on Tuesdays, customers can receive $1 off their order when ordering a beverage, breakfast sandwich and muffin as a part of the shop’s Trio Tuesday deal. Social Grounds ended up being a tasty and affordable option for anyone adventuring through Bothell.

The next location during our rainy day travels was Sidekick Coffee in Woodinville. Despite the shop itself being quite small, it felt very open, yet comforting. The food and drink were all very high quality, and gluten free and vegan options were available to support a wider audience of customers. The prices were moderate, in line with most chain cafés: $3.50 for hot chocolate and $4.20 for a matcha latte, which are the drinks we decided to try. If you’re looking for a delicate, rich matcha latte, Sidekick is the place you’ll want to go to. On the other hand, if a caffeine boost isn’t your cup of tea, Sidekick’s Theo Hot Chocolate is also delicious and comforting. 

Along with the drinks, we had the cardamom roll and their gluten-free banana bread, which were both delectable and perfectly made. Outside of the shop, there is a ‘Coffee To-Go’ window, where you can get your coffee without having to go inside. Regardless of whether you prefer dining in or out, Sidekick is the ideal place to hang out, grab a bite, or study alongside lovely food and drink.

Finally, we went to 203° Fahrenheit Coffee in Totem Lake. 203º Fahrenheit’s aesthetic is very sleek, and the atmosphere seemed catered to grabbing a coffee and going. We visited two hours before the shop closed, and the environment felt somewhat unwelcoming at that time. However, the drink selection was quite varied, with custom flavoring that could be added to your drink for an additional $0.45. 

We tried an iced matcha latte and a hot chocolate with the ‘David’s Hazelnut’ flavoring. The hot chocolate was delicious and heart-warming; the iced matcha latte, however, tasted watered down. Of all the cafés, 203º Fahrenheit had the worst matcha latte and the best hot chocolate.

The cost was a bit pricier in comparison to the other two cafés, with $5.30 for the matcha and $3.50 for the hot chocolate. 

As the weather gets colder, dropping by 203° Fahrenheit Coffee for a hot drink might be ideal if you just received your paycheck or just badly needed to fuel your caffeine addiction.

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