The view through the window at Diva Espresso in the Hangar on April 4.
The view through the window at Diva Espresso in the Hangar on April 4.
Ons Chaieb (she/her)

Stellar Study Spots

With the school year coming to a close, exams are approaching rather quickly. All of us probably have either missing assignments or study plans running wild. Instead of sitting in my bed or “studying,” I found, reviewed and ranked four unique study spots (from best to eh) to help make cramming a bit less stressful. 

The view through the window at Diva Espresso in the Hangar on April 4. (Ons Chaieb (she/her))

The Hangar at Town Square

Out of the four spots I visited, this was the only one that gave me a surge of study motivation. The fairy lights on the windows, the vivid plant life, the delightful scent of coffee and the abundance of natural lighting worked beautifully to create a warm, inspiring atmosphere — perfect for studying. It’s a popular place for the Inglemoor High school crowd, too, with many Inglemoor students and a few teachers populating the cafe. So don’t come here if you don’t want to potentially see your history teacher after school hours. Some tables were big enough to hold big study groups, and nearly all had charger ports near them. The food and drinks were extremely yummy, but they also edge on the pricey side. The machinery, chatting and music can quickly get loud and distracting if you prefer to study in silence, but if you like to work with a little background noise, this is the place for you.  

Seating area in the commons of Third Place Books next to the in-store cafes on April
24. (Ons Chaieb (she/her))

Third Place Books at Lake Forest Park

The chill atmosphere and loads of books surrounding me made my studying a bit less painful. Upstairs, the space was cast in a warm glow, creating a cozy scene that made getting into my study “groove” less difficult. Even if there was a lot going on (shopping, lunching, studying, etc.), it wasn’t that distracting. Many seating options were available, with table sizes big enough to support independent and group studies. The food there was delicious, too, and to be honest, every single time I go there, I make a beeline to the nearby Gyro Boss and Honey Bear Bakery for some mouthwatering Greek fries and delicate pastries. It’s a plus in general that there’s lots of food nearby. The only downside was that there weren’t many spaces to charge devices, but there is a library conveniently downstairs, with a plethora of charging ports for students in need of one. I also adored walking around the seemingly endless aisles of books after an hour or two spent studying.  

Late afternoon at the seating area in the Barnes and Noble Cafe on April 24. (Ons Chaieb (she/her))

Barnes and Noble Totem Lake  

While this Barnes and Noble edges on the smaller side, it’s a very cozy and social place to study. Working by the windows and looking through them made me feel like I was in a fishbowl. But, the large windows allowed lots of natural light to stream in and keep me motivated. The tables available are suitable for lone studiers and study groups; however, the only USB and laptop charger ports available are on the island by the window. The foods available in the cafe were moderately expensive. For example, my personal favorite, the Tomato Caprese Sandwich, is $8. I noticed that it can become quite noisy due to the mass of students, working adults and customers; best believe your saving grace at this establishment are your headphones. 

The view through study room No. 2 in Kenmore Library on April. (Ons Chaieb (she/her))

Kenmore Library’s Study Rooms

The next spot I visited was Kenmore Library’s study rooms. It should be noted that Kenmore Library tends to change its closing times somewhat often and currently has new closing times. Also, a reservation, either online or by phone, is needed before using the study rooms. You don’t have to book these too far in advance since they’re usually readily available. Personally, I loved how the quiet of the library’s main area melded with the sound of the AC inside the rooms, working as white noise. Inside, the room’s ambiance is pretty bland, each decorated with a painting, two roller chairs and a floating desk attached to the wall. USB and charger ports are available. The rooms can hold at least two people, but if you like studying alone and having time to understand the material, the study rooms are the perfect places for you! The only real downside is how thin the walls were.  

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