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Nordic’s DECAlicious picks

Nov 8, 2022

The DECA store: a lively joint filled with a wide variety of drinks, snacks and merchandise. From cafe classics to less conventional drinks, the store has an impressive array. We sampled a few of their most popular beverages to help you decide the next time you stop by, so be sure to check it out. Upon arrival, the staff presented us with four of their house picks: the Viking Power, a Caramel Macchiato, the Gummy Bear Red Bull Italian Soda and the Matcha Frappe. We ranked them from best to worst, and included our thoughts and opinions on each.

#1 Viking Power 

Of course, we had to award first place to the Viking Power, but not just because of its name. The drink itself has a bursting and juicy classic flavor, a signature golden color, tropical notes and Lotus Plant Energy. A new addition to the store, lotus energy concentrates are plant-based, giving you energy from natural ingredients. The Viking Power was vibrant, colorful, and made us feel all bubbly inside. Very yummilicious!

#2 Gummy Bear Red Bull Italian Soda 

The sweetest of the drinks by far was the Gummy Bear Red Bull Italian Soda, a custom mix made by the staff when we asked for a surprise. It was just so delicious dude, and it gave a good punch of fruity flavor. It’s a perfect pregame for IB and AP exams. The artificial flavor was a tad too much for us, but ultimately it only knocked the score down a few notches, not to mention that the classic Red Bull Italian Soda is a notable fan favorite. Being our number 3, this secret menu item is carbonated (more bubbles!) and gives a good boost of energy. 

#3 Caramel Macchiato 

A coffee house staple, the caramel macchiato takes second place. We have to admit we are complete, absolute, extreme caramel haters, but this drink was so good that we had to make an exception. We’d like to mention that our coffee orders are typically 90% milk with 10% coffee, and yet we loved the balanced ratio of coffee to milk and think that coffee lovers will enjoy it as much as we did. If you can’t drink cow milk, or it’s just not your type of jam (is it jelly or jam? now that is the real question), then the DECA store also offers alternatives like coconut milk, almond milk and soy milk (at an additional cost of $0.25).

#4 Matcha Frappe

The matcha frappe, deserving of its fourth-place spot, was a bit of a letdown. Where was the matcha? I need my matcha, dude! In reality, it wasn’t bad, but we think the store could definitely up their matcha game. The drink was watered down, but it was still refreshing with a nice addition of whipped cream. Perhaps it would’ve been better if the Matcha Mommy, senior Kiera Freeman (she/her), herself had made it for us, so don’t let our opinion stop you from getting your matcha on.

A Chat With the Employees

After enjoying our scrumptious drinks, we sat down with a couple of employees, seniors Jay Cummings (he/him) and Bryce Almond (he/him), for a chat. They explained that the store requires a lot of effort before and after school, but they were happy to announce that this is the first year that the store has been profitable. Their work has paid off and has given the store the amount of traffic it deserves. When we asked what the environment of working at the DECA store was really like, Cummings raved about it and encouraged students to join. 

“Honestly, just the culture we have here and the collective teamwork-it feels like a family,” said Cummings.

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