Cheeky quiz: which admin are you?

Get cheeky with this life-changing personality quiz!


Robyn Ross

Find out which one of our lovely admins you most relate to with this cheeky quiz!

Are you just dying to know which member of our beloved administrative team matches your personality the most? Well, today’s your lucky day! Take this incredibly accurate quiz and satisfy that raging curiosity. 


Your favorite thing to do during lunch is…

  1. call up your bffs for a wild trip to the janitor’s closet 
  2. head over to the DECA store for a shopping spree
  3. polish your motorcycle
  4. use the staff directory to call up teachers and ask if their refrigerators are running


When eating at a restaurant you order…

  1. a hoagie 
  2. a kielbasa
  3. black coffee
  4. off of the kids menu 


Your favorite part of school is…

  1. texting your friends during class
  2. checking yourself out in the reflection of your Chromebook screen
  3. practicing your skateboard tricks in the courtyard
  4. playing hooky


Your favorite hobby is…

  1. doing trendy dances on Tiktok
  2. flashing poses for Scandia photographers
  3. getting detention
  4. checking out school library books and then never returning them


If you could only bring one thing to a desert island, you’d bring…

  1. two things, because no one tells you what to do
  2. a pair of wheely shoes
  3. a journal
  4. a Twister mat


What bathroom are you most drawn to the most?

  1. The theater bathrooms
  2. The locker bathrooms
  3. The office bathrooms
  4. The fresh outdoors


If you checked mostly A’s… you’re Duke Desautels! You’re sassy, free and a bit of a party animal. Your friends would describe you as a wild child. You’re probably a Libra, and you never turn down a good time. 

If you checked mostly B’s… you’re Marquess Mismas! You are a total diva, and nobody stops your groove. Your friends would describe you as “all that and a bag of chips.” You’re probably a Virgo, and you’re everyone’s favorite beauty queen. 

If you checked mostly C’s… you’re Pharoah Faheem! You’re a natural-born rebel with a heart of gold. Your friends would describe you as a daredevil. You’re probably a Leo, and you’re a total renegade. 

If you checked mostly D’s… you’re Royal Rainwater! You’re a quirky, mischievous, silly little guy. Your friends would describe you as a class clown. You’re probably a Taurus, and you always have the last laugh.

Disclaimer: Cheeky strongly advises that you do not actually go to the bathroom outside. Not everything that the light touches is your kingdom/bathroom. Please and thank you.