Creating art while creating memories


Emily Felstead

Digital artwork

Senior Emily Felstead made this piece of digital art based on an image for a light study. Felstead said she took the original image and added and changed some elements to fit her drawing style. 

“Doing lighting is one other favorite thing of mine. I really do enjoy it a lot. Shading is probably my favorite part, like rendering itself,” she said. 

She enjoys combining things online and her own ideas to create new pieces. She likes being able to envision something and then create something real from it, Felstead said.

“I also take commissions on my art, and I really enjoy doing those because I think bringing something to life that someone else wants on paper or whatever is really fun,” Felstead said. 

She really got into art around sixth or seventh grade and draws nearly everyday. But she said she has been drawing in general since fourth grade.

“For me it’s a hobby, but it’s definitely a way to express myself and put my ideas into the world,” Felstead said.


Freshman Ariana Sutter made this pencil drawing for her dad’s birthday from a picture of them together during a “staycation” in Seattle, spending six hours on the piece over the course of two days. Sutter said that the part she struggled with the most was her Dad’s hair.

“I just doubled [the picture] in size, so to get it accurate with all the measurements. I used a compass, so I would measure it on the small picture and then on the big picture. I would do it twice and then I just shaded how it looked in the picture,” Sutter said.

Sutter said she enjoys watching the piece progress from sketch to a final piece.

“I like seeing it all come together in the end, because at first it looks pretty crappy because it was just a sketch, but towards the end it looked really nice,” she said.

Making art is fun for her to do, but does not think she will pursue it as a profession.

“I feel like it’d be a hard profession just because it would kind of depend on time… but I would like to continue drawing into my old age,” Sutter said.


Senior Daria Levenkova made this piece using her favorite medium, during this year’s stained glass class.

“I ended up taking stained glass in 11th grade, although it was online, and I really really liked it, so I took it again,” Levenkova said. 

She prefers to create more abstract pieces, and her process tends to begin with finding a shape and then branching off of that to create the final work. This piece followed a similar process, Levenkova said.

“I decided to do abstract designs because I generally prefer them, and also because drawing actual shapes that look like realistic things is very difficult. For the top layer [of the piece], I based it on concentric circles.”

Levenkova said that she really enjoys seeing the ideas in her head become actual pieces she has made and enjoys being able to make things with her hands. However she said she is planning to pursue other interests as a career.

“[I will] definitely [continue art] on the side, although I think I might continue doing stained glass, perhaps even in college. For one thing, it’s always more of a hobby than a passion; also, it doesn’t pay that well. And my plan for college right now is to go into computer science,” Levenkova said.