Fears and anticipations


Gloria Shen

Viking seniors admit to their personal fears and anticipations of high school and beyond.

Miles Gelatt and Gloria Shen


  • Khushveen Khar.
  • Ashley Egger.
  • Miles Gelatt.
  • Justin Nguyen.
  • Abby Haller.
  • Adan Rodriguez.
  • Meranda McCormick.
  • Anirudh Manika.
  • Luke Mason.
  • Audrey Yang.
  • Olivia Bustillos.
  •  Francis Duchastel de Montrouge.
  • Hannah Yoon.
  •  Olivia Metz.


  • Being away from all of my friends and a new environment.
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  • I’m worried that my work load will get a LOT harder and that my mental health could suffer a lot more.
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  •  Not knowing a lot of people going.
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  • The economy.
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  • I’m scared about moving out to go to college.
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  • The nearest Trader Joe’s from my school is an hour and a half away…literally distraught.
  • I’m scared that Ireland will be a huge culture shock.

What Are You Most Looking Forward To?

  • I’m looking forward to meeting new people and having fun.
  • Rowing regionals.
  • I’m most looking forward to new opportunities and the chance to meet new people.
  • Being with Kevin Shi.
  • 75 degree weather all year.
  • Things are getting back to normal.
  • Seeing my friends in college.
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  • I’m excited to just switch up life and my routine because it’s been getting repetitive.
  • Starting the next steps towards my new future.
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  • I am looking forward to being in a new place very very far from here with no one I know. I’m also excited to be of legal drinking age. 

Favorite Memories From High School: 

  • Football games, winning our last girls basketball game against Bothell, Lip Dub.
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  • Being at both the Senior Sunrise and the Senior Picnic. I was so happy, just because I got to see my friends again after so many months apart because of COVID-19.
  • Anything with Kevin Shi in it.
  • Playing basketball with Bella and Khush and going to Red Robin after games.
  • Playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments in the lunchroom with friends.
  • Just being able to see everyone.
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  • Halloween. My friends and I all dressed up as Sans, a video game character.
  • Cheering on the sidelines at FNL’s and being a part of both GMI & ASB!!!
  • Seeing all my friends and hanging out with them.
  • Me and my friend went to visit our third friend at his new job so we did the reasonable thing, being of course to stare at him the entire time we were eating our food. His boss asked him if we were stalking him. My friends wanted Menchie’s but when we got there, they were surprised that it was closed (btw this happened in the middle of Winter at 11am).
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  • A favorite memory is when my friends and I were all link leaders in junior year so we had a sleepover the night before link day and then drove together.